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1. Don’t embrace new technology

Service Providers must stay ahead of the game to stay relevant. Enterprises need to adopt the latest and greatest technologies to service their customers. Service Providers that are the most successful, will build solutions with best-of-breed technology to ensure their clients success.

2. Ignore consumer behaviour

Research from Aberdeen Group, Inc. demonstrates that companies with the strongest omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel strategies (Aberdeen Group, Inc).  Service Providers that can offer true omni-channel strategies to their clients will reap greater rewards, and are more likely to build a longer-term, strategic relationship with their clients as they become a trusted partner for success.

3. Avoid Digital Transformation

For outsourcers and Print Service Providers, success in digital requires different skills, different business models, and cultural changes. Do you believe that Digital will cannibalize the much-needed print revenues from current operations and that rapid digitization will provide a whole set of new challenges on the back of new opportunities? Avoid a potential nightmare by understanding the global best-practice and recommendations on how service providers can effectively evolve and be relevant. Start with this complimentary eBook.


4. Put the customer last

Service Providers face many challenges trying to extend their value within their client base. It’s easy to get carried away with Digitization, and many digital transformation projects fail because they focus on the tech, not the customer. Customer Journey Mapping is being used today by Service Providers to overcome these challenges, extend the value delivered through new digital projects & services, and is helping to renew contracts and win new client contracts.

5. Let your competitors lead

In order to remain competitive, enterprises today need to be able to package and deliver personalized customer communications in real-time, across all channels. As a trusted partner, you are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the relationships and skillsets you must drive new revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage. If you don’t, someone else will…

6. Disregard the research

Industry trends, research, and insights are an important resource to direct you on the best course for business success.  The Aspire Leaderboard is an online positioning portal where you can find analyst insights, best practices, case studies, trends, events, and when you’re ready – vendor selection. Disregard at your peril!

7. Do nothing

Inertia poses a significant threat to service provider success. Don’t fall in the trap, find out how you can avoid a service provider nightmare by giving your clients a real treat.

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Darren Collins

Darren Collins

Product Marketing Manager - SP/DPO

Responsible for the Quadient product roadmap for Document Process Outsourcers & Service Providers, Darren brings over 20 years of experience of working within the CCM industry.  Darren’s broad technical background and sales support experience help him drive innovation within the Quadient portfolio and empower DPO/SP sales strategies. During this period of digital transformation, he is helping organisations across the globe identify and win new opportunities within the omni-channel space.

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