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Are You Ready to Upgrade your Drop Shipments?

Kim Mauch
Posted by Kim Mauch Sr. Product Manager Tuesday, July 4, 2017 - 19:47

Kim Mauch has over a decade of experience absorbing the ins-and-outs of effective mailing preparation and submission processes with a heavy emphasis on new USPS technologies including Intelligent Mail and electronic documentation.

In her current role as postal products specialist for Quadient, Kim educates customers on how to efficiently meet the latest USPS regulations.

She has presented at MailCom, National Postal Forum and numerous educational forums, including full-day channel training sessions, online webinars and high-profile customer training programs.

Customer Experience Update
Are You Ready to Upgrade your Drop Shipments?

Mailers can benefit from additional discounts by dropping mail close to its final destination at Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs), National Distribution Centers (NDCs) and Destination Delivery Units (DDUs). For years, mailers would need to submit printed documentation at both mail entry and again at the destination facility. The Form 8125 was validated by the verification site, round stamped, and then forwarded on to the destination site. Unfortunately for mailers, lost documents, any edits, changes or other inconsistencies in this form created long drop-off times at destination sites as information was manually cross-checked and verified again. Fortunately, mailers have a better process available today.

If you use unique barcodes on palletized mail and submit electronic documentation, you are eligible for eInduction, which replaces the manual verifications. Containers are validated and paid at mail entry, then the container information is sent to the destination facility so they know to expect it. When the pallet barcode is scanned at destination, no additional checks are needed, shortening the entry process and eliminating the need for the 8125. You’ll also get faster appointment processing, around-the-clock appointment resolution, and improved reporting and visibility into the mail stream. Mailers can also change their electronic documentation up to 2 hours prior to induction, without needing to re-print an 8125. USPS has enabled all of their destination facilities for eInduction, and with no additional cost to mailers, there’s no reason not to use this program. In fact, over 60% of drop-shipped mail is using the program today.

Mailers who use eInduction are also eligible for the Seamless Acceptance program from USPS, which eliminates most of the verifications done at mail entry as well. The Postal Service has just re-opened access to this program, which eliminates almost all manual processes for mail entry and moves the control of releasing the mail from the acceptance clerk to the mailer.

To participate in eInduction, you can contact your local Business Mail Entry or the USPS Help Desk at 1-877-569-6614. Presort your mailing and submit your electronic documentation with the eInduction flags set. Software packages set this flag in different ways, refer to your product documentation for more information.

If you do participate, preparing the mailings correctly is critical. The Postal Service monitors the electronic documentation and actual container scans to ensure that containers are entered correctly. Containers entered at the wrong location or zone, not paid, with duplicate barcodes or barcodes not in electronic documentation, can be subject to postage assessments after the mail has been entered.

For more information about eInduction, see the Publication for Streamlined Mail Acceptance for Letters and Flats, or contact Quadient.