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The biggest obstacles to CX success

Stephanie Clarke
Posted by Stephanie Clarke Director of Content Marketing Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 12:28

Stephanie Clarke is the Director of Content Marketing at Quadient, responsible for developing and executing Quadient’s global content strategy. Stephanie has more than 14 years of experience in the software, technology and manufacturing industries. She has a proven track record for designing and implementing winning and profitable B2B marketing strategies for global technology brands. Stephanie holds a B.A. from Wilfred Laurier University. She is very active on LinkedIn and Twitter – please connect with her by clicking the icons above.

Customer Experience Update
The biggest obstacles to CX success

Encountering obstacles as a customer experience executive? Rest easy, you’re not alone. It’s a common theme for almost everyone who is pioneering the way in the emerging field of CX.

Recently we explored this topic with a panel of CX executives to find out what they consider to be the biggest obstacles, and in some cases, how they think these hurdles can be overcome.

Too many channels
Many customer experiences take place across multiple devices, platforms and channels, but they are treated as discrete actions because there are no systems in place to combine the relevant data.

Without the ability to see the experience in its entirety, our panel told us it’s impossible to maintain consistent brands and messages. One solution to this issue is customer communications management software which leads to our next common obstacle.

Getting the green light to purchase needed tools
Yes, technologies such as customer communications management software are out there to help CX executives tackle the complexities of their charter, but before these technologies can be purchased CX executives have to sell the value of them to their organizations. That’s not easy.

If you want to convince your CFO to spend money on the appearance of a store, a better web technology or a new mobile app, you have to quantify the ROI. In these situations being able to track net new revenue is easy. Not so with CX. Unfortunately, just saying that improving retention will drive higher revenue, isn’t enough to convince most senior decision makers to invest. 

Just because you're a customer champion, doesn't mean that everyone on the executive team is.

Not rowing in the same direction
CX is owned by marketing in over 60% of the organizations we surveyed. As a CX executive you know that CX is about much more than marketing but the rest of your organization may not see it that way. In fact, most CX executives agree that the following scenarios are two of the most critical obstacles to CX success:

  • Lack of CEO commitment to a customer-centric culture. The CX executive is supposed to be helping to create a customer-centric culture, but the responsibility for a company’s culture is typically driven at the top, by the CEO. If the CEO is 100% committed to CX, that’s when the magic happens. Every customer communication, from contracts to welcome kits, invoices to statements, becomes part of the customer experience. HR supports training for customer-facing individuals. Legal reviews onboarding and advises how best to communicate with customers. When the CEO leads the charge and the entire organization is engaged in a customer-centric approach, an environment for success is created.
  • Lack of alignment with peers. Just because you’re a customer champion doesn’t mean that everyone on the executive team is. There are still a few executives who need to be sold on the concept of customer-centricity. As a CX leader, one of your roles is to educate them and reinforce the value and impact a customer-centric approach will have by ensuring goals are well-defined, metrics are established upfront and results are quantifiable.

Despite the obstacles they face, all of the CX executives on our panel remain optimistic and excited about the field of customer experience, its ability to transform organizations and the impact it can have on their respective company’s fortunes going forward.

To explore this topic further, and to gain other further insights from fellow CX executives, we invite you to download these free e-books: Rise of the Customer Experience Executive and The Future of Customer Experience.

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