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Customer Blog: Preparing an executive demo of Quadient® Inspire

Mitch Kocen
Posted by Mitch Kocen Staff Writer, Geisinger Health Plan Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 22:09

As a staff writer for Geisinger Health Plan, Mitchell directly influences the member experience by crafting informative, clear and friendly communication. From letters to forms to marketing campaigns, Mitchell crafts a message that helps Geisinger Health Plan’s members successfully navigate their healthcare journey. Mitchell has a BA in Film and Digital Media from UC Santa Cruz and has more than a decade of experience as a professional writer. In his spare time, he dabbles in music and video game journalism.

Customer Experience Update
Preparing an executive demo of Quadient® Inspire

Congratulations! Your months of planning, dedication and hard work lead to the successful implementation of your Quadient Inspire solution! Now that you’re done, senior leadership wants a demo, to see what all this fuss has been about. You have 15 minutes next week to present the solution, justify the effort and build enthusiasm for the next phase of the implementation. How are you going to wow them?

1. Identify what’s important to leadership

It’s easy to be enthusiastic about all the ways that Inspire solves your day-to-day problems. With the system running, many little annoyances and wasteful rework are gone. Unfortunately, it’s not likely that your leadership shares the same frustration you do with changing one sentence on 80 documents or updating your customer service hours across every letter you send.

Instead, focus the demo on their priorities. Do they want multi-channel communication? Do they want consistent messaging across multiple letters? Do they want to reduce the workload around making mail-merge letters? Use your limited time to show how the software will help you meet their goals.

2. Demonstrate a full workflow

Your communication generation system doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Instead of showing off several templates, consider demonstrating the entire letter generation process from start to finish. Show them how a ticket writer submits the data, how they log into Interactive, how they select a ticket, what fields they enter manually and how they submit the ticket for delivery. Viewing the process from beginning to end puts the work into a context they can more easily understand and demonstrates how easy it is for a ticket writer to generate a letter.

3. Populate the letters with data

In Interactive, click the data testing icon or press ctrl+g to open the data testing menu. Here, you can fill in data that will show up in the letter, giving a better feel for the end process. If you have aspects of the template that change based on data (for example, line of business or location), make sure that you show off how the letter changes when different data is included.

4. Find the right complexity balance

Inspire can do a lot of amazing, complicated things. Make sure you’re showing off something cool, but make sure it’s something that you’re confident works well and consistently. Dynamically repeating tables are especially impressive; they’re difficult to create in Microsoft Word without 3rd party plugins or complicated macros.

Include some ticket tasks: This is a great way to show off how easy it is for the letter writers to customize the content without having to manipulate the raw data. This is especially impressive if the ticket tasks are linked to display rules, because you can see dramatic changes in the letter with minimal effort.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

This software is reliable and consistent, but if you’re unfamiliar with how and why things happen, you may get unexpected results. Once you’ve chosen your demo workflow, go through it several times to ensure that logic, variables and display rules function the way you want them to. Then, restart your computer and do it all over again. If you’ll be demoing the solution on a different computer than the one you normally work on, do a run through immediately before the meeting to ensure that all data, resources and logic is functional.

Demonstrating the end result of a high-profile project can be stressful. But as long as you plan carefully and rehearse thoroughly, you’ll be able to show management the value of your hard work.

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