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Customer Blog: Quadient® Inspire sets the standard for CCM

David Nixon
Posted by David Nixon Technical Consultant (CCM) Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 22:42

David Nixon is a Technical Consultant (CCM) for the New Zealand Post Limited.  David works with dedication, drive and work ethic to set high benchmarks and ensures the best solution is delivered for clients and their customers. Improved solutions provide clients with confidence that quality solutions will be delivered
each and every time, encouraging them to seek further advice, insights, solutions and positive word-of-mouth recommendations to other potential clients.

Customer Experience Update

My experience with Quadient Inspire started around five years ago, when it was chosen to be the single platform at New Zealand Post Limited that replaced a mixture of nine different legacy platforms.

Inspire was the first composition tool I encountered where there wasn’t a reliance on at least one other software tool to do pre- or post-processing steps to enable an end-to-end solution for customers.

I soon found out that the flexibility and smarts of Inspire allow more opportunities to provide customers with better solutions and I particularly liked the ability to ‘fail fast’ when doing proof of concept solutions. This ability allows you to utilise Inspire in different ways, not just as a ‘print composition’ tool; this shows why Inspire (or even better: Quadient) has set the standard for CCM tools over the last five years.

Utilising Inspire in different ways

As more businesses move into focusing on customer experience, leveraging digital channels and saving costs associated with legacy platforms, Inspire offers a way to build solutions that can cover both short-term and future needs without major overheads of costs or effort to make changes.

One of the key Inspire solutions that we provided to a customer was to combine two of their largest platforms. This enables the client to transform their offering to their customers and provide new, relevant and timely communications without requiring complex changes from their internal IT teams.

Inspire allowed us to quickly prove in a simple proof of concept that the two platforms could be combined, using the exact code from each platform and demonstrating new combined output with simple data triggers added.

Once the customer saw that the solution was viable we then refined the code into a production ready solution, including removing code duplication and improved processing times. This has resulted in the customer recognising savings in postage, development and the flexibility to quickly provide their customers with new personalised communications.

This experience has provided our business with a demonstrable case study that Inspire can provide more than single-serve solutions based on old school print-centric thinking and will allow you to surface better, long term solutions for customers.

Next time you think ‘if only we could just do that the client would love us’, give it a go in Inspire and be amazed at what you can do.