Customer Experience – A Turning Point

Rob Daleman
Posted by Rob Daleman VP, Corporate Marketing Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 13:02

Rob brings over 18 years of industry experience in technology marketing – both direct and channel, to his position at Quadient. Previously, Rob led Marketing at Avaya Canada, go to market for medium businesses at Dell Canada and brings marketing, finance, manufacturing and logistics experience from his time at Maple Leaf Foods. An avid composer and musician, Rob continues to combine digital and social media to drive awareness and consideration in the B2B marketplace. Rob holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Customer Experience Update
Customer Experience – A Turning Point

Customer experience continues to grow as an area of focus for organizations in 2017, as companies begin to realize the benefits of pulling together traditional customer service, stronger customer touchpoints and communication across many channels and social outreach to better manage the overall customer experience.

A quick check of the search term “Customer Experience” in good trends demonstrates just how much focus is being put on CX in today’s business environment. The chart below shows just how much individuals are starting to focus on customer experience vs. traditional customer service.

Google Trends

In a recent article with Forbes Magazine, Fidelity highlighted the benefits of some of their recent customer experience efforts. Tom Herrick, Senior Vice President, was quoted as saying:

“To meet the customer where they are first, provide a great experience and integrate into that experience—the movement of that customer, across multiple channels back and forth. Remove all the barriers of having to start all over again from one channel to another. That’s a huge investment for us.”

This combination of customer experience focus and cross-channel communications is a common theme that we continue to hear from our customers at Quadient as well. 

In a survey of our global customers issued earlier this week, customer feedback shows that improvement of the customer experience is now listed as the #1 reason that customers evaluate an ultimately select Quadient Inspire as a customer communication management solution.


The number two and three business challenges that these customers are trying to overcome are the transformation to digital, and the design, management and delivery of omni-channel communications.

This same focus on customer experience was echoed in a previous customer survey conducted via a third-party research company, where customers were offered an opportunity to rate the benefits they felt the recent Inspire Release 11 offered to their organizations.  The result was that 61% of customers were looking forward to the customer experience related features of the new release.

R11 Benefits

These two data points are consistently linked in our research.  84% of the customer organizations we surveyed indicated that they were able to reduce their time to create Omni-Channel communications by 10-25% with Quadient Inspire.

An additional 81% of surveyed organizations believe that their implementation of Inspire increased their net promoter score / customer satisfaction by 10-25%.

In fact, when we examined only the subset of customers whose original goal of implementing a customer communications management system to reduce overall costs, only 71% of those customers saw cost improvements of 10% or greater – but 100% of those customers saw an increase in customer satisfaction of 10% or greater.  Clearly better customer communications management is resulting in higher customer satisfaction for these customers.

While customer experience is emerging as a holistic approach to managing the customer journey, managing multi-channel communications is an increasingly important element in ensuring that customer have a positive experience with our customers.  The recent release of Quadient Customer Journey mapping is an example of how we at Quadient are looking to help our customers better define and manage the customer journey, and allow them to take action to make customer interactions more impactful. 

Customer journey mapping provides a unique view that allows your organization to better align its resources and people to better serve the customer in a multi-channel capacity.  We look forward to helping you create a great customer experience for your customers.

Thank you to all our customers who provided us with this valuable insight and feedback.