There continues to be an increased focus for businesses on the customer journey, and how journey orchestration can lead to an overall increase in the customer experience. To maintain a thumb on the pulse of how to maximize the customer journey it’s crucial to first understand the terms of the market. These ten terms represent the most popular in the customer journey landscape. Keeping them in your lexicon will ensure your businesses customer journey strategy is focused on success and growth, and not tied to past trends. Explore Quadient’s complete CXictionary to develop your CXM language even further. 

Customer Experience Management (CXM/CEM) 

Customer experience management is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed their expectations, leading to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. CXM combines core process like CCM, archiving, and Customer Journey Management to drive business goals through enhanced CX.  

Customer Experience (CX) 

All interactions a person has with a brand or company from interest to purchase including the ongoing relationship they have which may include customer service interactions 

Customer Journey

All of the steps a customer takes while in the process of completing some interaction or transaction with a brand. 

Customer Journey Management

The process of understanding, planning, implementing, and optimizing a individual customer journeys to enhance the customer experience. Customer journey management is the catch-all process that includes customer journey mapping, customer journey analytics and customer journey orchestration to drive next best actions. 

Customer Journey Analytics  

The process of tracking and analyzing the way customers use combinations of channels to interact with an organization. Analytics solutions give you real time data to identify pain points and critical moments that customer experiences and informs next best actions to enhance customer experience at every touchpoint. 

CX Initiatives

Refers to a company’s internal customer experience goals. These are organized approaches to successful implementation and include the planning, personal involved, setting KPIs, and investment needs 

Interaction Points (IPoints)  

The points of interaction between the customer and the company or brand. These are used in the mapping process to represent separate interactions and can include any and all information on the touchpoint, emotions, customer segments involved, satisfaction data, etc. 

Journey Orchestration

Orchestration coordinates multiple interactions, across all channels, at any time using data analytics, machine learning and AI to inform next best actions in the customer journey. 

Journey Visioning  

The business model involving quality data, technology, and insights to create a better customer experience. 

The language of customer journey shifts and alters as customers continue to define their needs when interacting with businesses. Successful customer experience journeys are agile enough to shift when needed while being targeted and developed enough that they capture their customer needs for as long as possible without a major overhaul. The need for fresh language to understand both the micro and macro shifts in the journey experience remains important. Develop your CXM language even more by reading our complete CXictionary

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