CCM is no longer just about making document production more effective or efficient. This is because of three significant changes in the Business Ecosphere: the need to have a digital strategy, customer experience being THE sales differentiator, and the biggest single disruptor to business – the consumer having greater choice, availability of information and control.

So how does this signal the evolution of CCM?

As organisations realize that they cannot avoid going on a Digital Transformation journey, the ability to communicate digitally with customers/suppliers/stakeholders becomes a key component of that strategy.

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As marketers come to terms with understanding that customer experience is the most important differentiator for consumers to choose between brands, there is an increasing convergence between marketing and CCM.

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The age of the Consumer has become a day to day reality, with clients demanding the information THEY want, WHEN they want it, on the device of THEIR choosing and to then be able to interact with it HOW they wish to.

Therefore, CCM is now the Customer Experience element of any organization’s Digital Transformation journey; invaluable for both retaining existing clients and getting more revenue from them, and to secure new business.

For organisations not to recognize this could lead them down the same path as that trodden by the dinosaurs, some 66 million years ago.

Not sure where to get started on your CCM transformation?  Check out this complimentary webinar featuring Forrester: Webinar: Making the move to Omnichannel Customer Communication (

Steve Narancic

Steve Narancic

Canon Europe's Business Development Manager

As an evangelist for the benefits that can be delivered by the implementation of an effective CCM solution into organisations, Steve brings his wealth of experience as a thought leader to Canon Europe to look beyond the now and to consider the direction of travel for CCM in the future; the threats, the opportunities and how to prepare for them.
Steve had an illustrious and highly successful career selling IT solutions into the Insurance industry before moving, nearly 10 Years ago, into the Customer Communications Management market.
First beginning with PrintSoft and then Objectif Lune, Steve was latterly at GMC (now Quadient), successfully driving GMC Inspire sales and increasing GMC’s position in the CCM market.

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