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Full-Service Goes Full Speed Ahead

Kim Mauch
Posted by Kim Mauch Sr. Product Manager Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 16:38

Kim Mauch has over a decade of experience absorbing the ins-and-outs of effective mailing preparation and submission processes with a heavy emphasis on new USPS technologies including Intelligent Mail and electronic documentation.

In her current role as postal products specialist for Quadient, Kim educates customers on how to efficiently meet the latest USPS regulations.

She has presented at MailCom, National Postal Forum and numerous educational forums, including full-day channel training sessions, online webinars and high-profile customer training programs.

Customer Experience Update
Full-Service Goes Full Speed Ahead

Right after USPS announced its proposed prices for 2013, they posted a Federal Register notice about Full-Service Intelligent Mail. If you’re currently mailing at automation rates and would like to continue, the time to think about Full-Service is now.

Full-Service will be required for automation prices in 2014.

To ease this blow, USPS has announced a new postage credit program for mailers who make the switch to Full-Service. This one-time credit is based on your annual mailing volume, and you can apply it to any Full-Service mailing. As with any incentive program, the devils are in the details. Here are some highlights from this program:

  • The technology credit is available for all permit holders and mailing service providers. Basically, if you have a CRID with the post office and mail, you could qualify.
  • You must mail at least 125,000 eligible pieces per year to qualify. Eligible pieces are First Class, Standard and Periodicals automation letters, cards and flats, excluding saturation flats. Also eligible are Bound Printed Matter flats.
  • The amount of your credit depends on your mail volume. Credit tiers are as follows:
    • 125,001 – 500,000 eligible pieces = $2000 postage credit
    • 500,001 – 2,000,000 eligible pieces = $3000 postage credit
    • 2,000,000+ eligible pieces = $5000 postage credit
  • Mailers will not have to register for this program. The credit will be applied automatically. USPS will be calculating all the CRIDs in the first quarter of 2013, and will notify these mailers if they are eligible.
  • The credit will only be redeemed on mailings that have over 90% Full-Service pieces. You can redeem the credit over several mailings if your postage doesn’t go over the total amount. The credit is applied automatically to the mailings you submit after you are deemed eligible.
  • You will have from June 2013 to June 2014 to redeem your credit.
  • Full-Service mailers using the Postal Wizard will not be eligible. You must use Mail.dat or Mail.xml to qualify.
  • If you are a mailing agent, like a Mail Service Provider (MSP), and use your customers’ permits to mail, you may still be eligible. You can open up a Permit Imprint account specifically for this credit. However, the credit is applied to your permit, and that permit must be used for postage.

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