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Furthering Growth and Value for You and Your Customers

Anita Wood
Posted by Anita Wood Senior Product Manager Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 15:07

Anita Wood provides product marketing management and strategic direction for Quadient products, leveraging over two decades of global experience in technology industries, including IT and software development, and in various sectors such as manufacturing, government, advertising, retail petroleum systems and higher education. Throughout her career, she has led in roles such as development analyst, project manager (PMP certified), test engineer, and product manager (Pragmatic Marketing certified). She has also served as Professor and program administrator at Viterbo University, specializing in technology and global strategy.

Customer Experience Update
Furthering Growth and Value for You and Your Customers

As a service provider in a challenging industry, you are thriving by expanding services and becoming an increasingly important strategic communications advisor to your customers. As you grow and improve, you will inevitably come across additional opportunities to better serve those customers.

Have you established a stable, robust, and scalable Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution but still run into challenges giving your customers the best experience possible? Or perhaps you’ve created efficiencies in your data processing that enable growth without adding staff, yet you still have a disconnect between the data process and document composition. Then you probably aren’t benefiting from the synergies offered by using both Quadient® Inspire and Quadient® Ignite.

Service providers typically discover a new challenge after implementing Quadient® Inspire. They’ve achieved easy-to-create, consistent, compliant, customized customer experience across channels by using the top CCM product in the market (as evidenced by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant). But suddenly, it is evident that there are bottlenecks remaining. There are two likely culprits: data problems that impact design; and/or an extremely inefficient and error-prone data process that depends on outdated custom coding, legacy systems, and manual steps with many stops, handoffs, and restarts.

By using an end-to-end data processing and CCM solution, you can eliminate process siloes, bottlenecks, downtime, and therefore turnaround for your customers. You can also ensure that the data that is feeding your composition process – and ultimately the communication – is consistent and of the best quality possible. But I’ll let the customers speak for themselves.

For example, Darwill Inc. needed to do things differently, with data processing and document composition becoming much more complex. “The process was too choppy and fragmented. I knew that I couldn’t bring new people into the current process and had to find a way to streamline things.” By implementing Quadient® Ignite, they were able to reduce the number of tools from six down to one, enabling an immediate reduction in processing time by 50% with more potential as they expanded the solution.

Darwill was able to increase volume and throughput and thus fulfill a growing number of projects. Quadient® Ignite standardized the way job processes run and flow into Quadient® Inspire, allowing a streamlined data process to flow straight into document composition while eliminating downtime between processes. Not only did Darwill increase their capacity to take on new jobs, but they eliminated overtime and weekend work. To learn more about Darwill’s experience with Quadient® Ignite and Quadient® Inspire, visit this resource.

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