With the advent of COVID-19, smart parcel lockers have become even more valuable to university and college campuses. During COVID-19, the need to be socially distanced made face-to-face contact for package delivery impractical, and unsafe. Many mail centers closed (or were open with limited hours) and struggled to keep up with the volume of packages, which increased as the pandemic went on. Parcel lockers provided a safe, contact-free way to manage package delivery and retrieval.

The current generation of students were raised to rely on technology, and they adapted to parcel lockers with complete equanimity. For them, parcel lockers were a logical step on the path to innovation; a way to make their campus “smarter.” Those students, and indeed the entire campus community, will be eager to embrace smart parcel lockers as a Campus Hub™—the place to go to collect anything, and everything.


What is Campus HubTM?

Parcel Pending by Quadient developed Campus Hub to provide a safe and convenient way to manage much more than package deliveries. Campus Hub facilitates a campus-wide distribution network for documents, laptops, library books, move-in materials, food delivery, and more. The concept follows the same process as package delivery, but with limitless applications.

Some key benefits to Campus Hub include:

  • Convenience. Assets are available for easy retrieval 24/7. Pick-up is not restricted to someone else’s schedule.
  • Security. Our lockers keep an automatic log of every delivery and pick-up for full chain-of-custody visibility, and the sturdy steel construction keeps all contents safe.
  • Contact-free. Our lockers offer contact-free delivery, collection, and return processes. Even in a post-pandemic world, it will be safer to limit unnecessary physical contact.
  • Connected. The lockers seamlessly connect with any third-party software for effortless integration with existing systems.
A seamless distribution network on campus

Campus Hub acts as a shared inter-departmental distribution network, allowing for a seamless and streamlined process. Below are some of the campus departments that have benefited from the Campus Hub experience:

  • Library services

Create a contact-free distribution and collection process for books and other materials via parcel lockers. In conjunction with intelligent software, the lockers act as a medium between the student and staff to collect and return materials. The software connects directly with both the library’s back office and the intelligent lockers to create a smart system that tracks the materials being borrowed or returned.

  • Internal equipment and document self-service

The intelligent lockers create a hands-off workflow that can be utilized within all campus departments, such as IT, to meet faculty and staff needs. The assortment of locker sizes means that items ranging from large IT equipment to important documents can be shared with the necessary recipients with ease. The locker’s software keeps track of when an item has been dropped off or collected. When utilized in conjunction with robust internal tracking software, such as Quadient’s Web Tracking Solution (WTS), you have full visibility into the item’s location at all times.

  • Collegiate sports

Intelligent lockers will play an increasingly important role in the collegiate sports experience on campus. Security for stadiums remains a top priority, and university campuses are using parcel lockers as a place for game attendees to securely store items that are not allowed inside. In addition, lockers enable fans to order game day fanfare items, such as t-shirts, face stickers, hats, etc. For some campuses, this has generated new revenue.

  • On-campus bookstore

Create a convenient and hassle-free click-and-collect offering for students via intelligent lockers. With a click-and-collect option, students will be more inclined to shop on-campus rather than purchasing their school materials from third-party stores and vendors, thereby driving revenue back to the school.


The Quadient Campus Hub experience

Campus Hub is a bundled offering unique to Quadient, that combines smart lockers and robust tracking to enable you to design a distribution network that works for your campus.

To learn more on how Quadient can design a unique hub experience for your campus, contact us today.

Download a complimentary copy of the eBook “Campus HubTM: Creating a seamless distribution network on campus”

Campus Hub: Revolutionizing the collegiate experience

Alexandrea Purvis

Alexandrea Purvis

Content Marketing Specialist- Parcel Locker Solutions

Alexandrea Purvis is the Content Marketing Specialist for Parcel Locker Solutions at Quadient, responsible for the development and execution of Quadient's global content strategy for Parcel Locker Solutions. Alexandrea has more than 5 years of experience in the technology industry and has created and implemented key marketing strategies that are engaging and increase brand awareness around parcel lockers. Alexandrea holds a B.A. from the University of Central Florida and an M.A. from Lille 1 University of Science and Technology. 

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