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How to Offer a Successful Employee Onboarding Experience

Laurent Ghio
Posted by Laurent Ghio Product Marketing Manager Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 04:14

Laurent Ghio has strong expertise in the field of Customer Communication Management with both a Masters degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

He is now part of the Quadient Product Marketing team. Laurent has been working for Quadient since 2013. Before that he played a major role in the acquisition of GMC Software, one of the former Neopost EDS divisions and now part of Quadient in terms of vision and software strategy for the Neopost Group.

Today, he is in charge of the SaaS vision and SaaS strategy for Quadient. He is currently working on adapting different Quadient solutions to the Cloud (Messenger - delivery of email and messaging, customer experience management, production dashboard for Service Providers, Interactive, etc.).

Customer Experience Update
How to Offer a Successful Employee Onboarding Experience

Working with many companies around the world , it became apparent that large organizations could apply the customer journey mapping technique to internal needs like mapping the employee journey.

Today HR (Human Resources) people have so many things to take care of when a new recruit joins their organization. This includes: organizing induction training; putting together a welcome kit; equipping the new employee with a PC and mobile phone; setting up access to the company’s online tools; getting a canteen badge ready; allowing for access to the parking lot; ordering a desk and chair and setting up a first meeting with the new recruit’s colleagues and manager. 

However, due to a lack of collaboration between HR (Human Resources), IT, Legal and other departments, thing often don’t go as smoothly as they should from an employee’s point of view. 

A Poor Customer Experience

As a result, when the employee arrives on his first day he often doesn’t know where to sit, he doesn’t know who his new colleagues are. And he often has to wait for two weeks before he gets his laptop and mobile phone. This results in what is known as a poor CX (Customer Experience), the customer, in this case, being the employee.

Silos Slow Down Productivity

The lack of coordination between the different departments within the company means that the new recruit is often not fully operational until at least three weeks after his start date. As all of the company’s departments work in silos, no one is in charge of the holistic employee onboarding experience. In addition, it becomes more complex to consolidate information regarding the employee’s on-boarding process due to another type of silos: data silos. These silos contain data on for example salaries, employee onboarding fact sheets, IT needs, career objectives and training. According to this article from the McKinsey Quarterly “Fast-changing global markets put a premium on simplifying processes radically and breaking through silos.”

Different Channels of Communication

Different channels of communication are often used to communicate with the new recruit when he arrives. This could include face to face conversations, telephone calls, text messages, mobile enterprise applications, emails or information provided on a web portal. This could lead to more confusion as the person may be given two or more different answers to the same question such as “How do I access the intranet?”

CX Solutions for Employee Onboarding

Certain solutions exit on the market today that enable you to identify the pain points an employee goes through during his on-boarding journey.

And choosing the right customer journey mapping (CJM) software enables you to meet all the above-mentioned challenges as it allows you to:


Detailed and attractive customer journey maps with drag and drop tools, and custom design options, in order to map the current situation.


Illustrations including letters, contracts, emails, quotes statements and data to every touchpoint along the journey, in order to understand the complexity seen by the employee.


Internally and share real-time feedback via social commenting, to capture the maximum of feedback from the field and get the clearer picture as possible.


To improve the CX by enabling business users and document designers to make suggested changes in real-time.

To re-design the journey in a collaborative way, this is referred to as “co-design” techniques, with the help of an online CJM tool accessible in a SaaS mode.

Gain Employee Insight

Such solutions enable enterprises to create and view maps as a whole, and investigate further by drilling down into individual touch points to gain insight into employees’ feelings in context. And they help you ensure a consistent experience across the entire employee journey. 

For further information Customer Journey Mapping please feel free to contact Laurent Ghio, our CJM Expert.