During the last 2 years, we’ve all been challenged with adapting strategy, messaging, and budgets to changing economic conditions while still trying to be empathetic. As a result, messaging changes often and updates occur frequently.

Changes in investment and the reorganization of budgets are a huge challenge in many industries, and as that shifts, so do customer behaviors.  Now brands must do more with less, as quickly as possible.

Quadient’s vision for the future of communications is about simplicity. It’s about being able to transform your customers’ experience quickly and easily. Inspire Evolve is a high-performance, SaaS customer communications solution that makes it simple for non-technical business users to design, personalize and deliver secure, human-centric communications – all with minimal IT involvement.

As customer expectations and the demand for personal, secure, in-the-moment communications rise, a new standard has been set for all organizations. And consumers continue to demand frictionless experiences that are both timely and relevant. To meet this new standard, Evolve is comprised of several fully integrated components that work together to deliver a seamless and elegant experience for your communications teams:

  • Content Author is Evolve’s design service. It lets you create and manage communication templates across all channels, with a user-friendly GUI and drag-and-drop interface, removing the need for IT to be your communications gatekeeper.
  • Front Office is for those communications that need a human touch. It allows front office users to personalize communications before they are delivered, with rules and built-in reviews and approval workflows that guarantee your branding and legal guidelines are never overlooked.
  • Generate (on-demand and batch). Individual events often demand immediate communication. The Generate on-demand service guarantees that your customers receive a personalized message at any time of the day or night, with speed and reliability. Requests for multiple communications can be handled with industry-leading speed and performance by the Generate batch service.

Evolve handles a growing set of communication types for page-based, email, and SMS channels, including:

  • Notifications and reminders
  • General and Claims Correspondence
  • Policies
  • Statements
  • Healthcare Summary Plans and more

Evolve supports integration with your business applications, data sources, and cloud services like electronic signatures to provide a streamlined experience for your customers.

Quadient is the only provider to offer any-premise CCM with options for on-premise, dedicated cloud, and hybrid scenarios. With Evolve, we have extended our offerings further to provide a full SaaS solution at a time when digital enablement and excellent customer experience are crucial. If that is the kind of experience you’d like to provide to your customers, take a look at the video below to learn more.


Avi Greenfield

Avi Greenfield

VP of Product Management, CXM

Avi Greenfield has over 20 years of experience in using technology solutions to build business value, with a focus on customer communications and content strategy and delivery. He joined Quadient in 2019 and leads the portfolio vision and roadmap for Quadient CXM. He and his team are responsible for making sure Inspire and Quadient Cloud meet the needs of businesses for managing omnichannel communications to improve customer engagement and improve experiences across key journeys. He has worked in product management, business development, and analyst roles with companies including OpenText, SundaySky, HP, and Doculabs. He studied Marketing and Finance at the University of Illinois at Chicago and completed a Wharton Executive Education program on Business Analytics.


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