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Place new opportunities at your customers’ fingertips: leveraging Dynamic Communications to drive engagement

Michael Doomen
Posted by Michael Doomen Senior Software Engineer, Eclipsegroup Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 16:07

A Senior Software Engineer at Eclipsegroup, Michael joined the industry in 2012 after a career at the Royal Dutch Army. He started as a document designer using Quadient technologies, before moving to the software side of the industry. He has more than 6 years of experience in the document composition software industry as both a transactional document designer and a software vendor.

Customer Experience Update
Dynamic Communications

When you work with the Quadient Suite, you quickly become familiar with Quadient Inspire Designer. Besides its powerful document creation tools, it provides you the option to create Dynamic Communications. Sounds cool enough, but what is a Dynamic Communication and why should you care?

Dynamic Communications (also often called a ‘DC’) takes customer communications to the next level and allows you to communicate with your customers in a whole new way. Let me take you on a journey. 

Imagine you are a utility company. Every month, your customer receives an energy bill in the mail which contains a letter, an energy usage and cost breakdown, and additional information on energy efficiency programs they can participate in to reduce their energy use and cost. 

Sound familiar? Typically, the customer simply pays the bill and moves on with their day.

What happens if you transform that static design template into a Dynamic Communication? With sliders, input fields, and many more components, you are able to give the customer a better understanding of the cost-benefit associated with enrolling in a solar energy program for example.  Moreover, the customer has the opportunity to respond in real-time to your offer by requesting further information on how to enrol in the program.

With Dynamic Communications, Quadient Inspire helps you create more meaningful engagements with your customers. 


Michael is a Senior Software Engineer at Eclipsegroup, a Quadient customer. 

Eclipse was founded in 2006 as a marketing service provider, specialized in complex cross-media campaigns.

After taking over some large transactional managed service projects in 2015, the focus shifted more towards managing, supporting and optimizing ongoing processes in the field of transactional communication.

Today Eclipse, strengthened by its partners, is a full service system integrator in customer communication, customer experience and transactional communication solutions.