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Privacy by Design

Holger Wandt
Posted by Holger Wandt Director Thought Leadership Friday, February 5, 2016 - 14:25

Holger Wandt is Director Thought Leadership at Quadient. He joined Quadient's data quality division, formerly known as Human Inference, in 1991. As a linguist, he was one of the pioneers of the interpretation and matching technology in the data quality product suite. In his current position he is responsible for streamlining the efforts within the different knowledge areas of Quadient, for conveying vision to current and future customers and partners and for promoting ideas and vision to industry boards, thought communities, universities and analyst firms. His career is testimony to his achievements in the field of language, data quality management and master data management.

Customer Experience Update
Privacy by Design

This year, the European Union has issued a new regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to processing and moving of personal data. This General Data Protection Regulation forces companies to consider the implementation of rules to comply with this new regulation. 

The Regulation uses the term "Privacy by Design" to illustrate that the privacy focus has to be taken into account throughout the entire lifespan of an information system. And here is a direct link to the Data Life Cycle: privacy rules must be considered in storage, modification and removal of personal data. Now think about an automated system that processes your customer data. What is the impact of such rules and regulations in the context of data management? 

There is a lot to consider: data storage, data access, rectification and removal of data, data security, audit trails, etc.

Let me give you an example: Article 17 of the Regulation states that a person concerned has the right that his or her data will be removed and that further deployment of the data will stop. Now if you are using an MDM solution, in which several source data records are accumulated in a golden record, you have to ask yourself how to remove the data records and the relations between the records. In addition, you will have to figure out how you will actually prove that  the record has been removed...

During the coming Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Summit in London on 2 and 3 March, my colleague François Ruiter and I will present Know Your Customer - The next level, in which we will talk about and demo the implementation of privacy regulations in our MDM system, the DataHub.

I hope I will see you in London!


Learn more about the proposed changes and what they could mean for you - Download the DataHub: EU Privacy Regulation Brochure, or for our UK audience, the DataHub: The British Data Protection Act Brochure.



Know Your Customer - The next level will take place at the Gartner Enterprise Information & Master Data Management Summit 2016:


Date:    Wednesday 2nd March

Time:   13:30 – 14:00

Room: Arora 4, Level 1

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