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Rob Daleman
Posted by Rob Daleman VP, Corporate Marketing Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 19:36

Rob brings over 18 years of industry experience in technology marketing – both direct and channel, to his position at Quadient. Previously, Rob led Marketing at Avaya Canada, go to market for medium businesses at Dell Canada and brings marketing, finance, manufacturing and logistics experience from his time at Maple Leaf Foods. An avid composer and musician, Rob continues to combine digital and social media to drive awareness and consideration in the B2B marketplace. Rob holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Customer Experience Update

Here we are in our 2nd week as Quadient – and I wanted to thank our customers, partners and employees for embracing our new brand. continues to draw a large audience from across the globe. 

In fact, since the launch of the brand, we have seen a 50%+ increase in web traffic.  We hope that this means our audiences are finding the content we are publishing to be engaging. Our goal is to continue to provide you with valuable content that helps you achieve your CX goals – whether they be related to CCM projects, mobile initiatives, customer journey mapping, postal solutions or data quality. So please continue to give us your feedback on the content you value most.

During the process of creating Quadient as a brand, we received feedback from thousands of customers through online surveys, conducted dozens of 1 on 1 interviews with key executives in Fortune 500 companies and worked with analysts to verify our findings.  As we analyzed our research, we came across 4 key areas that are “keeping executives up at night” when it comes to CX:

1. The rise of consumer power.   As mentioned in the recent CX Transformation Days session by Mukul Ahuja and Eva Treumuth on the Retailization of Insurance – “85% of Millennials don’t really trust brands anymore – they trust their peers and their recommendations much more so”.  Consumers now share their experiences like never before.  This is also discussed in our eBook: Rise of the Customer Experience Executive, which you can access here. 

2. Communications, and how to deal with the rise of omni-channel and cross-channel communications.  When I was at the Forrester CX conference in New York city back in June, many of the CX professionals that I had a chance to talk to were very much stuck on how to complete their transition to digital, and how to gain control of omni-channel communications.  For more details on this topic, check out our recent white paper “The Convergence of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Customer Experience Management (CXM)” available here.  

3. Regulations.  While companies must compete with customer experience leaders for the hearts and minds of their customers, they are often limited in the processes they can adopt due to compliance requirements, particularly in highly regulated industries such as banking, insurance, telco and utilities.  Many executives that I spoke to were challenged with finding a way to maintain compliance without losing the personal connection they were looking to create with their clients. If this is your area of interest, don’t miss the white paper “Integrating Compliance into Innovation: Taking Control over Customer Communications” in the Quadient resource centre here.

4. Data.  Data continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, and poor data quality at the front end of a process results in poor customer experiences later in the buyer’s journey. A recent blog from Inside Big Data predicts that “Human- and machine-generated data is experiencing an overall 10x faster growth rate than traditional business data, and machine data is increasing even more rapidly at 50x the growth rate.”


Not only is data growth requiring companies to focus even more on data quality initiatives, but regulations such as the GDPR in Europe, and the Know Your Customer regulations coming to the United States compels organizations to be more diligent in ensuring their data is of the highest quality, and easily accessible across the business.  We investigate strategies for approaching these issues in a recent white paper “How to meet the Gold Standard for data privacy”.

Quadient is dedicated to helping our customers address these 4 forces as they look to build exceptional customer experiences – today and in the future.

We hope that you had a chance to join us for last week’s global CX Transformation Day, where we reviewed Quadient as a brand, and how it applies to the CX marketplace.  If you missed the big reveal of the Quadient brand, you can find that session here.

Finally, a big thank you as well to the 300 people who have converged this week at our Inspire Days user conference in San Diego, Calilfornia and those that are registered for the upcoming Inspire Days in Berlin, Germany for coming together to discuss the future of customer experience, and how current and emerging technology solutions can enable their organizations to avoid commoditization and differentiate themselves in their respective markets.  We look forward to continue working with you in defining and activating the future of customer experience.