These are unprecedented times, and they require levels of cooperation across industries to support each other. At Quadient, we are adapting to the COVID-19 situation with great diligence and are constantly looking for ways to leverage our technology and talent to help other industries in need.

Due to the expected increase of numbers of COVID-19 patients and non-standard operations, University Hospital of Hradec Králové (FN HK) had an urgent need to improve scheduling for doctor and nurse shifts working to care for COVID-19 patients. They required a better and more efficient scheduling tool to ensure medical staff could work and receive adequate rest time between shifts. The Head of the Pulmonary Clinic, MUDr. Vratislav Sedlák, Ph.D., asked IT experts to organize a hackathon to create an application for organizing 12-hour shifts of COVID-19 teams on his Twitter account a week ago. 

“Several companies responded to our Twitter challenge within hours. We decided to cooperate with the local office of Quadient in Hradec Králové, as they willingly offered us a quick creation of the application in the required quality and a close cooperation,” explains MUDr. Sedlák of the hospital’s decision.  

 The R&D team at Quadient was able to meet the challenge in record time.

In less than a week, the Quadient team – working weekends, evenings, and between projects – was able to design, build, test, and deploy a scheduling application in 96 hours. The team of developers, testers, consultants, UX designers, and technical writers worked on the final solution with great commitment and collaboration around the clock. They ultimately delivered the exact solution the care centers across the Czech Republic needed.

The application is called DocPlan, and despite being an entirely new application, it is built on the back of existing Quadient solutions. Michal Tkadlec, Project Manager at Quadient and leader of the whole project, said: “We are proud to have provided the best we could with our team of specialists in such a short time. We´ve invented the application from scratch just because of COVID-19. However, we built the application on our existing solutions, which enabled us to launch it in such a short time.”

Thanks to the incredible work of the Quadient team the application is now deployed and ready to use this week. It is already helping assuage the stress imposed on doctors and nurses at this most crucial time. As the adage goes, in times of chaos look for the helpers; Quadient is proud to be a helper to the caregivers as we all try to navigate this crisis safely.

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