Purchasing a new customer communications management (CCM) platform is stressful. A lot is riding on the decision. It’s a big investment.  Swift adoption and advocacy of the new platform by its users will be imperative. Its tools and capabilities must be flawless if the company’s personalized, omni-channel customer experience is to be realized as envisioned. But none of this can happen if the platform lacks in connectivity and scaling power.


The ability for a CCM solution to work alongside other platforms just isn’t good enough anymore. Connectivity with any data source, content source and business application is now a must. 


A CCM platform is a long-term investment therefore it must be scalable in order to meet an organization’s business objectives today and in the future. 

Inspire R14 takes connectivity to another level

If a company’s goal is to have an open eco-system that will allow it to leverage technology and assets across its organizational landscape than Inspire R14 is the ideal CCM solution. Inspire R14 enables connectivity with core systems, allowing businesses to access their data, content and workflows for cross-functional initiatives. With Inspire R14 as the foundation of their CCM efforts, organizations will enjoy: 

  • Salesforce® integration: Easily connect and extend key systems of record and customer engagement such as Salesforce® and Guidewire®. 
  • Connectors and accelerators: Integrate advanced capabilities in Inspire R14 such as robotic processing automation (RPA) and automated language translations.
  • REST API for easy integration: The availability of a standards-based, fully documented REST (Representational State Transfer) API in Inspire Scaler enables simplified and reliable integration between the Inspire portfolio and other enterprise systems and/or third-party applications such as Postman©. 
  • Monitoring: Use enterprise monitoring tools to check and report on the health of the Inspire solution.
  • Bring customer journey maps to life: Connect all customer facing-communications to a comprehensive customer journey map. In addition, internal stakeholders can easily collaborate and share ongoing feedback within the interface, so improvements can be made in real-time.
  • Embed Microsoft Power BI: Dashboards and charts can be directly embedded into customer journey maps, connecting employees to a much wider set of data sources and insights across all customer touchpoints.

The integration of the template design, content authoring and omni-channel delivery systems into the customer journey map exceeds integrations typically seen in the market. Source: Marci Maddox & Alan Webber, “Quadient Analyst Day 2019: Quadient Pushes the Boundaries of CCM to Explore CXM”. IDC

Unprecedented scaling offered by Inspire R14 will allow companies to future-proof 

The ideal for any company is to have an infrastructure in place that will adjust with the ebbs and flows of their business. 

Built to scale 

As an organization grows, Inspire R14 will grow with it allowing businesses to seize opportunities knowing they have a CCM solution in place that will allow them to effortlessly expand their communication capabilities. Inspire R14 is able to accomplish this because of its comprehensive support for Red Hat® OpenShift® which, whether in a public or private cloud environment, enables companies to push their communications to market faster with greater flexibility and performance.

Powerful archival and retrieval

Most organizations have multiple disconnected legacy archives containing mission-critical documents of record and historical data. New regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA require that companies have quick and easy access to customer data and historical documentation, which is not possible with legacy siloed infrastructure. 

Inspire R14 employs Quadient Archive & Retrieval technology which is highly-scalable and delivers high-performance, this allows businesses to meet today’s compliance standards and gain quick access to historical documents and data across all channels. Unlike other solutions, Quadient Archive & Retrieval was specifically designed and built to handle large output volumes and formats that are typical in customer communication systems including PDF, XML, and AFP.  Quadient Archive & Retrieval will also reduce required storage which will help companies achieve cost savings and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Source: Quadient Inspire Release 14 brochure

Migration made easy

Most enterprises possess a tangled web of legacy communication systems, many with years of complex — and possibly outdated — regulations incorporated into them making for an unstable foundation. Migrating and updating these systems can be a daunting task. Inspire R14 ensures that this won’t be the case.

Within Inspire R14 is InspireXpress, Quadient’s powerful migration technology. By applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, InspireXpress accelerates the migration and retiring of legacy CCM systems, saving organizations thousands of person-hours. It also reduces ongoing maintenance costs by consolidating legacy content and reducing the number of templates.

Yes, it is possible.

The CCM platform that an organization chooses to go with is a decision that will impact both their present day and future communication capabilities. While prognosticators can predict the future they can’t guarantee it. With a CCM solution like Inspire R14, there’s no need to guess. Whatever the future brings, Inspire R14 will ensure that companies are equipped to adjust to it. 

With its advanced level of connectivity and scalability, the Inspire R14 CCM solution will allow companies to enjoy seamless integration, streamlined access and processes, future-proof adaptability and flexibility, extended ROI, and a lot less sweating.

Intrigued by what Inspire R14 has to offer? Schedule a demonstration by contacting Quadient at 1-866-883-4260 or support@quadient.com.


Avi Greenfield

Avi Greenfield

Senior Director of Product Management

Avi Greenfield describes himself as a technology enthusiast, family man, sports fan, gadget guy, star gazer, and lifelong learner. He has over 20 years of experience in using technology solutions to build business value, with a focus on customer communications and content strategy and delivery. He has earned credibility and a strong reputation by skillful communication and negotiation with executives and technologists in a wide range of organizations and industries including financial services, insurance, telco, utilities, and government. 

He joins Quadient from OpenText Exstream, where he was responsible for driving the direction of the product portfolio to meet the needs of enterprise customers for managing omnichannel communications in complex and demanding environments. He previously worked in product management, business development, and analyst roles with companies including SundaySky, HP, Printsoft, Doculabs, Mobius Management Systems, and Unicom Enterprises.

Avi is a frequent speaker at customer and industry events on CCM and customer experience topics. He studied Marketing and Finance at University of Illinois at Chicago, and last year completed a Wharton Executive Education program on Business Analytics. He lives in Glenview, Illinois with his wife and two teenage daughters. He is a big fan of Chicago sports teams, especially the Bears and Cubs. He volunteers with local social service organizations and sits on his temple board of directors. He enjoys live music, travel, outdoor activities like biking, tennis, and golf, and good food and drink.

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