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In an effort to ensure you’re aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, we’ve compiled a list of resources and links to postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe.

We will update this post regularly with continuing news and information as we strive to keep your operations informed and your communications flowing.

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USPS / Service Alerts / Business Mailers Alerts / Domestic Service Alerts / International Service Alerts 

U.S. Postal Service Statement on the Coronavirus 

  • As of 7 August 2020: The United States Postal Service is closely monitoring the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation and continues to follow strategies and measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health departments. The CDC has information available on its website at that provides the latest information about COVID-19. We are sharing the CDC’s guidance to our employees via stand-up talks, employee news articles, messages on bulletin boards, videos and an intranet site directly to employees and within USPS workplaces.

    The CDC (, the World Health Organization (, and the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail.  

    The Postal Service has so far experienced only minor operational impacts in the United States as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We do continue to have a temporary suspension of the guarantee on Priority Mail Express International destined for China and Hong Kong, which has been effective since Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, due to widespread airline cancellations and restrictions into this area. In addition, customers may see delays in mail and packages destined to China as well as from China, as well as to and from European countries subject to restricted passenger airline travel. The Postal Service is undertaking all reasonable measures to minimize the impact to our customers.

    In addition, the Postal Service is an essential service for purposes of its compliance with state or municipality shelter-in-place orders or other social distancing restrictions. The Postal Service delivers medications, social security checks, and is the leading delivery service for on-line purchases. The statute that created the Postal Service begins with the following sentence. “The United States Postal Service shall be operated as a basic and fundamental service provided to the people by the Government of the United States, authorized by the Constitution, created by an Act of Congress, and supported by the people.” 39 U.S.C. §101(a).

    For more information, see the USPS Coronavirus Statement.

UPS / Domestic and International Alerts / How UPS is responding to the Coronavirus / Impact of the Coronavirus on our Service Guarantee

  • Protests around the U.S. 
    UPS is carefully monitoring the ongoing protests in numerous cities throughout the U.S. Our priority is the safety of our employees and our customers. We will continue to make every effort to deliver to all areas as conditions permit. 

    Should local restrictions or curfews cause UPS service to be disrupted or suspended, we will post a Service Alert on the homepage. 

    Prior to shipping, please check to see if your recipient’s location is open, since some businesses’ hours may have changed either due to local restrictions or at the business’s discretion. Note that where a business remains open during out scheduled day/time, we will make three routing delivery attempts before returning a package to the sender. 
  • In regards to Coronavirus: UPS operations will continue, with daily collections and deliveries except when constrained by government restrictions.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • The UPS Service Guarantee (also referred to as UPS Money Back Guarantee) is suspended for all shipments from any origin to any destination. Commit times for some services have also changed. Review: Impact of the Coronavirus on our Service Guarantee
  • Commitment times for UPS Next Day Air Saver® and UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.® services scheduled for delivery on or after 30 March 2020 will be extended to end-of-day until further notice. 

FedEx / Service Alerts / How FedEx is responding to the Coronavirus / Temporary Surcharge / Service Updates

  • As of 7 August 2020Our first priority has always been the health and safety of our team members, customers, and communities. So we’re taking every step to protect you and our team members while continuing to deliver the best service and experience. And we’re more committed than ever to making sure that you get the items you need when you need them, whether they’re for your health, home, or business. Get the latest service impact information. Service Impact Information / Updates for FEDEX Logistics Air/Ocean Cargo

  • Stay connected with service delays and disruptions
    When the unexpected happens, communication is key. Uncontrollable events like weather or natural disasters can disrupt transportation flow—and your supply chain. When that happens, FedEx remains focused on supporting our customers and communities with services and information when you need it most. Thanks to our transportation and logistics network, we’re ready to assist with crucial humanitarian efforts as we keep commerce, healthcare, and other industries moving around the world. Keep up with the latest Service Alerts on this page, or sign up for alerts on service delays and disruptions to stay a step ahead. 
  • Residential deliveries
    Stay in control over your deliveries. Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager to receive notifications on when to expect your deliveries, tell your FedEx driver where to leave packages at your home, and even redirect them to another address. 
  • Convenience, Security and Delivery Control 
    Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager and receive delivery alerts, request to redirect to a FedEx location, vacation holds and more.  
  • Regulatory Alerts and Updates
    FedEx issues a regulatory alert when a new regulatory agency or legal requirement is established that may impact international shipping, or when an existing one changes. A regulatory update can be issued to communicate any of the following: A previously published regulatory alert is still in effect. Deadlines have been extended.

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge 

In the face of the challenges posed by the current global COVID-19 situation, DHL Express is working to maintain a reliable delivery service for you and your customers. We are currently mobilizing our business continuity plans, monitoring and responding to rapidly changing local conditions. 






Canada Post COVID-19 latest updates / Canada Updates / International Updates

  • As of 29 July 2020: Service levels improving as Canada Post enters next phase in safely serving the needs of Canadians With COVID-related restrictions easing across the country, businesses are reopening and fewer Canadians are at home during the day. As a result, we are entering a new phase in our efforts to ensure the safety of our people and our customers while providing an essential service. These efforts will involve carefully phasing out some of the changes we made, while modifying or keeping other changes.

FedEx / Service Alerts / FAQs

Delivering service and support—today and always
Our fleet is still in the air, our trucks remain on the road, and the strength of our delivery network is available to keep your business moving across Canada and around the globe.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • Temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international parcel and freight shipments. Review: Rate Changes Overview
  • Signature Required Suspension: A physical signature is not required for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments except when an adult signature is required. Review: Delivery Signature Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee Suspension: Suspended for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground services, effective immediately until further notice. Review: Policy






The French government has published a guide of best practices to ensure safe home delivery of parcels during COVID-19. Review: Guide of Best Practices

La Poste / Service Alerts

  • As of 30 March 2020: Service times are adjusted to 3 days a week, and rotating shift arrangements have been put in place. The postman will carry out rounds on a less regular basis than normal. Detailed information is provided in their online Q&A.

Relais Colis / Service Alerts / FAQsCoronavirus Information / Service Alerts

  • As of 15 June 2020: All of our activities have resumed. Everyone's safety remains our priority. All deliveries are made without contact, scrupulously respecting government instructions, rules of distancing and barrier measures.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • The Relay delivery activity was completely stopped from 18 March to 18 April 2020. All packages in progress were returned to retailers or shippers for C2C. The activity has been reinitiated since 20 April 2020 on a perimeter reduced to a few hundred relays in certain areas and certain customers, according to a secure contactless protocol. The identity card remains a compulsory document. You are also advised to bring your own pen.
  • Returns and parcel deposits are not yet authorized.
  • We are gradually increasing the number of active relays, with a more substantial recovery from 11 May 2020. Review: Update of Active Relays

Mondial Relay / Service Alerts / FAQs

Point Relais® delivery service , suspended on 17 March, has resumed gradually since 4 May and our deliveries to Points Relais® from 11 May 2020. This week of June 15 more than 8,000 Relais Points® are available again, which represents the vast majority of our network. Others will open in the following days and weeks. Many of you are entrusting us with your packages again. During this recovery period, delivery times can be a little longer than usual, thank you for your trust and understanding.

FedEx TNT / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge / Temporary service suspensions globally



DHL / Emergency Situation Surcharge / Service Alerts

Since the onset of this global pandemic, DHL teams have been working around the clock, continually adapting and adjusting the operations of our global network to align with new developments, regulatory requirements and constant changes in capacity and demand. That includes further significant reductions in – or the complete cancelation of – commercial flights in most countries, which has a dramatic impact on air uplift capacity.

As we work to serve the urgent needs of our customers, these factors, among others, have increased our costs beyond sustainable levels, which necessitated an adjustment to the surcharge. 






B Post / Service Alerts

  • As of 19 March 2020: b post is temporarily suspending of letters and parcels outside of Europe due to the mass cancellation of flights. 

FedEx / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge

Please be aware that due to the current situation related to COVID-19, we are experiencing increased call volumes. Please use our online tools to check the status of your shipment, obtain a quote or process new bookings. Alternatively you can also email us and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • Implemented a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express international parcel and freight shipments.
  • Suspended the money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight and FedEx Office services effective immediately until further notice.
  • China – Europe Volume Surge: We are currently experiencing a surge in demand on the China-Europe lane. With our fleet of over 670 planes, we are well positioned to support changes in the global supply chain. We are putting extra planes in place on this route to accommodate the demand, but delays might still occur. Our clearance teams are also processing significant extra volumes, which may cause further delays for new goods arriving in Europe. 

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge

In this critical global health crisis, our Logistics services and our worldwide network play a critical role, also in saving lives– whether it is by sending emergency medical equipment and supplies to healthcare workers; delivering necessity goods to private customers; or by finding solutions for companies to continue their operations.

Against the backdrop of the global Covid-19 outbreak, Deutsche Post DHL Group business operations are being continuously adapted to mitigate potential impacts. As a globally operating company, epidemic and pandemic risk scenarios are an integral part of the Group's continuous risk planning. The Group follows a holistic management process that enables our business units to ensure the best possible operations for our customers even in an emergency.






Post NL / International Service Alerts / Coronavirus Information / Current Information by Destination

In the Netherlands, the coronavirus is now more or less under control. However, many other countries are still facing severe challenges. As a result, strict corona measures remain in place. In many countries, steps have been taken to minimise physical contact when delivering mail and parcels. Recipients in these countries may no longer be required to sign for delivery, for instance. In addition, many countries around the world are taking measures that may affect the processing and delivery of mail and parcels.

FedEx / Service Alerts / Temporary Surcharge / Alerts

Please be aware that due to the current situation related to COVID-19, we are experiencing increased call volumes. Please use our online tools to check the status of your shipment, obtain a quote or process new bookings. Alternatively you can also email us and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Major mail and parcel service disruptions:

  • Temporary Surcharge: To continue providing our customers with the best possible service during this time, we are implementing a temporary surcharge on all FedEx Express and TNT international parcel and freight shipments, from April 6th until further notice. The surcharge does not apply to domestic intra-country shipments.  
  • Money Back Guarantee: The impact of COVID-19 is causing local, state, and national governments in Europe and around the world to issue work and travel restrictions on a daily basis, which are impacting our ability to meet our high standards of service. As a result, we have made the decision to suspend our money-back guarantee for all FedEx Express services, effective immediately until further notice. FedEx Express is playing a crucial role in the global supply chain and connecting the world during this critical time, and we will continue operating as government restrictions and regulations allow. We also remain focused on serving our customers and providing relief supplies to areas that need it most.
  • Intra-Europe Express Next Day: Our intra-Europe Express next day shipping services are returning back to normal transit times for the majority of markets. Some quoted transit times may still be impacted and subject to delay. For more detailed information on service impact, please click here.

DHL / Service Alerts / Emergency Situation Surcharge






Royal Mail / Coronavirus Updates / Service Changes / International Service Alerts

As a key part of UK’s infrastructure, Royal Mail remains open for business. The delivery of parcels and letters is a way of keeping the country together, businesses operating, and helping many people who may not have the option to leave their homes.

Here you'll find all the relevant details about our service. We’ve also added useful links to tools that may help you stay connected while you’re at home, and different ways in which you can stay up to date with Royal Mail, like our service updates page.

  • As of 23 June 2020: Deliveries and collections should take place throughout the UK today. However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely some areas of the country will experience some level of disruption due to Coronavirus-related absences at mail centres or local delivery offices. We’re sorry about this. Every item of mail is important to us, so we’re working hard to keep any delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.






An Post / Service Alerts

Staying connected, now more than ever. In staying apart, we’re coming together but we know that it’s hard. That’s why we’re doing what we can to keep local communities connected. From opening local post offices to checking in on vulnerable people, delivering newspapers and so much more in between, we’re doing our little bit to make it easier for you to stay connected. And for a limited time, we’re giving away two stamps free with every #SendLove stamp booklet. Post Offices remain open with Send Love stamps available at all branches and online.





Deutsche Post / Service Alerts / International Service Alerts / FAQs

  • As of 7 August 2020: In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update you potential impacts of the virus on Deutsche Post DHL dispatch and delivery services. Parcel volumes remain at a high level. In isolated cases, this can give rise to transit-time delays.

    We generally recommend contactless delivery options whenever possible; this means specifying a Preferred location where our deliverers can drop-off your parcels, or addressing parcels directly to a Packstation. There are no restrictions regarding the delivery of letters within Germany or our range of services in retail outlets and DHL Paketshops.

    The Robert-Koch-Institut provides up-to-date information on the latest developments regarding the coronavirus in Germany. The situation caused by the corona virus has led to a considerable rise in parcel volumes. This may result in delays to delivery.






Swiss Post / Service Alerts

Our employees are showing huge commitment in the current crisis. They are doing their best, ensuring that letters, parcels and newspapers are delivered to your homes on a daily basis. Our top priority is to fulfil our universal service obligation for Switzerland, even in this exceptional situation. Many of our branches remain open and our online services are also available at all times.

Our mail carriers’ health is of the utmost importance to us. We can only continue to be there for you each day if they remain healthy. We therefore kindly ask that you maintain a distance of 2 metres from others in your branch and from the delivery staff, make cashless payments and allow delivery staff to sign for registered consignments. That way we’ll all protect each other.

  • Major mail and parcel services disruptions: With the Confederation’s authorization, Swiss Post is adapting its processes to the current situation in order to protect its employees from coronavirus and ensure that huge parcel volumes can be processed despite significant staff shortages. Most branches remain open and online services are available at all times. 







Poste Italiane, in compliance with the latest government measures, announces that service continues to be guaranteed throughout the national territory, respecting the protection of the health of its workers and all citizens.

Considering the evolution of the epidemiological situation and the increase in cases of contagion on the national territory, the Company guarantees the service with a homogeneous number of Post Offices open in proportion to the inhabitants of each Municipality; the afternoon openings of the offices open on double shift and of those open only in the morning will therefore be limited. Furthermore, in municipalities with a single post office, opening will take place on alternate days. Citizens will be informed about news, as usual, through the notices posted outside the offices.

Furthermore, in all the Offices, lines have been set up away from the operators' workstations.

As regards mail and parcel delivery services, the postman's working hours have been deferred to avoid the concentration of personnel within the operating sites in the same time slots.

The operation of all the other employees of Poste Italiane is guaranteed by the use of smart working.

Poste Italiane reiterates that, should the Government take new measures, the Company will adapt to the new indications as has been done punctually to date.


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