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“Those that take a succesfull approach to GDPR will be the ones that gain a competitive advantage in Customer Experience.”

Esther Labrie
Posted by Esther Labrie Content and Brand Manager Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 20:32

Esther Labrie is language specialist and content manager at Quadient. Joining the company in 2010, Esther specialized in upcoming themes in online marketing like digital communications, omni-channel and Big Data. Esther creates content that focuses on building a bridge between online marketing and customer centric selling. She enjoys music and literature and likes to spend time with friends and family.

Customer Experience Update
privacy compliance

Today an article was published by Het Financieele Dagblad featuring our very own Product Marketing Manager François Ruiter. The article is part of a FD special on GDPR which is also featured at the "AboutEnterprise/OverOndernemen" website ; below is the English version of the original Dutch article


“Those that take a succesfull approach to GDPR will be the ones that gain a competitive advantage in Customer Experience.”


With May 2018 approaching rapidly, media are flouded with articles about the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The number one subject: diminishing the risk of being fined and preventing reputational damage. Quadient, a global player in riks and compliance, adds tot his a complementary element: privacy compliance as the starting point for building a strong Customer Experience strategy.


GDPR: the start of a Customer Experience that sets you apart form the competition

Organizations often feel overwhelmed by the complexity and vastness that the new legislation comprises. The common mind-set is one of a stationary distress. Ruiter: “We help organizations to meet the GDPR with a positive approach, allowing them to see things from their customers’ perspective: what does the GDPR mean for the customer, what do customers expect of the organization and how might an organization set itself apart from the competition with their risk and compliance policy? The answer is a combination of first-rate technology and a customer centric approach, resuting in excellent Customer Experience.


A single customer view

Ruiter: “Organizations tend to focus on data security and imminent fines; at Quadient however we encourage a much wider focus. We engage with the organization to create a repository of every single piece of customer data, without disturbing underlying systems and processes. This results in a single view of the organization’s customers. The good thing is, a single customer view can be deployed for much more than just GDPR issues.”


Automated handling of Subject Access Requests

Financial services in Europe are looking at a daunting number of Subject Access Requests (SAR’s) and other privacy related requests per month. Without automated handling of such numbers, organizations may soon find themselves entagled in time consuming procedures giving a mediocre result. This will inevitably lead to sanctions and adventitious reputational damage. Ruiter: “Sorting out data management is one step, but the expected SAR’s require a deliberate next step, a specific privacy compliance solution that enables organizations to provide a swift and accurate response. That’s why Quadient offers an automated solution that is geared towards speed and accuracy, on top of a customer focused approach. This approach builds trust by showing customers the organization cares and respect their data privacy by delivering the requested information in a convenient format via the channel of their choice in an instant. Customers will immediately be able to tell the difference.” 

Would you like to know more about the GDPR and Customer Experience? Join François Ruiter for a GDPR-webinar on October 4th: “Breaking through the “Noise” around GDPR”.

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