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Time well spent in São Paulo

Andrew Hellard
Posted by Andrew Hellard Product Marketing Manager Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 12:34

Andrew Hellard is a Product Marketing Manager, based in Columbus, OH. His focus is on the insurance industry worldwide. His responsibilities include go-to-market strategy for insurance, as well evolving Inspire to meet the changing needs of Quadient's insurance customers. He has around 10 years of experience in insurance, as well as 15 years of experience in software development and team leadership. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Miami University and a Masters of Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

Customer Experience Update
Time well spent in São Paulo

Last Thursday Quadient hosted a roundtable in São Paulo, Brazil. The roundtable topic was customer communication trends and the impact of digital insurance in Latin America. Quadient was fortunate to have two speakers, Alexandre Putini, Director of Innovation and Digital channels at SulAmérica and Sergio Nobre, Academic Vice President of the Brazilian National Insurance and Welfare Academy. Both speakers had great insight into the state of insurance in Brazil. In short, the Latin American insurance consumer is rapidly changing, and the industry must change as well.

During my time in Brazil I had the opportunity to meet with insurance executives from several different companies. Some of these companies are headquartered in Brazil while others are subsidiaries of large multinational insurers. All of these companies are focused on meeting customer expectations, and are boldly experimenting to find the right mix of processes and technologies to succeed. I was impressed with the speed that these insurers are moving to communicate effectively not only with their customers, but with agents and brokers as well. From innovative WhatsApp messaging to sophisticated telematics strategies, I think that these companies are positioned well for the uncertainty facing Brazil.

With the volatile economic and politic situation in Brazil, insurers could easily choose to reduce investment and wait for calmer days. I suspect that the insurers who take this cautious approach will find that they have fallen behind the competition much faster than they expected, and that regaining lost customers will be a major challenge.