As a Print Service Provider (PSP), you are uniquely positioned to benefit from the symbiotic relationship between data and communication, you may still be reluctant to pursue expansion due to common data obstacles. For instance:

  • Data processing operations are often complex and inefficient
  • Solutions and workflow are inconsistent
  • There is minimal reuse of modules across programs
  • It’s time consuming to create and maintain processes
  • Processing time is very slow

All of those concerns are valid, but technology exists to enable PSPs to leverage the expertise and experience you’ve developed over the years to transform customer data to meet the quality and standards necessary for operational efficiency and excellent results. It’s simple, really: the solution to data processing problems isn’t tied to discrete products—it’s all about workflow. 

You can create additional value for the organizations you service by uncovering the complexities and inefficiencies of client’s operations and creating continuous workflows that include components like:

  • Data importing
  • Transformation
  • Processing
  • Quality checks
  • Notifications and reports

When workflow hums along properly, it drives operational efficiencies, ensures accurate and actionable insights and can be used to optimize customer experience. The ability to create a personalized customer experience has been referred to as the “holy grail” when it comes to customer communications and marketing. Marketers experience a huge lift when data is used to personalize the message. Data enrichment deepens customer engagement by leveraging additional internal and external data sources for a more complete view of the customer. Leading types of data enrichment include augmenting with:

  • Additional contacts 
  • Demographics 
  • Financial information 
  • Interests and hobbies 
  • Lifestyle and life event data

Having a first aid kit for data filled with clever data quality technology as mentioned above will help you service your customers and grow your business.To explore this topic further, and learn what other factors might be of influence, we invite you to download this free white paper: “The path to growth for PSPs: automated data processing”.

Esther Labrie

Esther Labrie

Content and Brand Manager

Esther Labrie is language specialist and content manager at Quadient. Joining the company in 2010, Esther specialized in upcoming themes in online marketing like digital communications, omni-channel and Big Data. Esther creates content that focuses on building a bridge between online marketing and customer centric selling. She enjoys music and literature and likes to spend time with friends and family.

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