Is the insurance company you work for in the process of assembling a shortlist of potential Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions? 

Read the recently published Novarica Market Navigator report which summarizes the requirements of insurers and the capabilities of the Quadient CCM offering, and you’ll appreciate why Quadient is the solution of choice for many insurance organizations.

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

Reviewing the big picture 


Until now paper has been the traditional medium of communication for insurers but, as in every sector, times have changed. Digital content-generating technologies and Internet services have established themselves as part of the mix. As a result, many insurers need to either update or replace their existing enterprise content management (ECM) solution to better manage, capture data and produce analysis of their diverse spectrum of content.


An improved, omnichannel customer experience has been identified by the vast majority of insurers as an attribute they need to improve on to ensure their organization’s growth and retention targets are met. To accomplish this feat, insurers have determined that a customer communications management (CCM) solution is the key to enhancing the communication experience for their prospects and customers as they interact with their organization throughout their journey.

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Source: Novarica Market Navigator “CCM Analyst Report”

What are insurers specifically seeking and how does Quadient fare? 

Let’s take a closer look at the specific requirements insurers have and how Quadient answers those needs with its CCM solution.


1. Insurers need to make sure their customer documents are timely, accurate and highly customizable. 

The Quadient CCM solution offers configuration for workflows, rules, document authoring, screens and interfaces.


2. When getting new policy documents set up, speed to market is crucial.

Quadient offers a content package of 20 pre-built, common insurance claim letters.



3. Modern claims, policy and billing systems usually have basic levels of document creation built in, but insurers are seeking more robust document creation solutions.

In the Quadient CCM solution, document functions are designed to support mass-produced documents, such as statements, and ad-hoc documents like correspondence or manuscripted policies.


4. Insurers are considering implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution so they can improve the management of documents. 

Quadient does not offer a stand-alone ECM solution, but their CCM solution includes an internal content management solution. This is used for document and content management version control, auditing and permissions. It can also integrate with ECM solutions.


5. Insures want the ability to capture and store content from various communication channels, along with indexing and assigning metadata so that content is transformed into structured data for use in business intelligence and reporting tools.

The Quadient CCM solution comes with content repository and content management tools as standard functions. Archival capabilities for all documents generated are available via out-of-the-box integration to a third-party system or service.


6. Fast retrieval of content: Including documents, audio, video and other types of content for improved response to both internal and external queries for application, account and claims information.

The Quadient CCM solution can be configured to include Boolean or context-sensitive search and full-text search using simple tools targeted for IT analysts or BAs. Audio/video, images and HTML/XML/Web content types can all be searchable.


7. Workflow management, including tools that enable automation and efficient operation of core insurance processes such as underwriting, customer service and claims.

With the Quadient CCM solution you can manage preferences for print vs. electronic delivery, and document authoring and content management workflow.


8. Insurance-focus: insurers appreciate partners who have a strong understanding of the insurance industry and the infrastructures with which the solution will need to be integrated.

The Quadient CCM solution is employed by insurers such as Allstate, Aetna, Humana, Pacific Life and MetLife.

Explore, in more detail, the reasons why the Quadient CCM solution is the ideal choice for insurers. Download the complimentary analyst report, “Novarica 2018 Market Navigator for CCM”.


Andi Dominguez

Andi Dominguez

Product Marketing Manager, Quadient

Andi brings over a decade of marketing experience within healthcare and property & casualty to her role as Product Marketing Manager at Quadient. From developing tailored customer engagement programs for global brands, to creating solutions and initiatives that empower organizations to further differentiate themselves within their markets, Andi’s understanding of an organization’s long-term vision and business needs often translates into actionable customer engagement strategies that drive business results.

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