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Will you be attending the 2nd biggest postal event of the year?

Bob Schimek
Posted by Bob Schimek Senior Director of Postal Affairs Friday, August 24, 2018 - 16:27

Schimek applies his 26-plus years of mailing industry experience to provide product management and strategic direction for Quadient’s mailing business, formerly known as Satori Software. As Senior Director of Postal Affairs for Quadient, Bob Schimek serves as primary liaison between Quadient and USPS on technical matters affecting the company’s mailing solutions, which include CASS and PAVE certified software, integrated 48-month NCOALink processing and post-sort solutions. 

Customer Experience Update
2nd biggest postal event of the year

While the National Postal Forum is known as “the big show”, we are quickly coming up on the second biggest postal event of the year. Those that have been involved in the industry long enough will remember when the National Postal Forum was held twice per year. When the decision was made to cut back to a single forum per year, the second forum was replaced with what we now know as National PCC Week. PCC stands for Postal Customer Council. There are hundreds of PCC’s that are located across the entire United States. If you are not familiar with a PCC near you, the Postal Service has a PCC locator that you can use, just select your state, and a list of available PCC’s will be provided.

If you are involved in the mailing industry and not a member of a PCC, I would highly recommend you consider joining. There are a number of benefits that membership will provide which include educational events, networking opportunities, and providing an open channel for USPS®-to-business communication. Local PCC’s provide information, best practices, and help with solving local challenges.

National PCC Week is coming up September 24-28, 2018. During this week, many of the PCC’s hold local one-day events.& Postal executives from USPS headquarters travel to various PCC’s across the United States to participate in these events, sometimes attending more than one in a single day. Think of it as a mini-NPF that comes to you. These events include educational sessions that have both industry and postal speakers. These events are packed full of useful information and they create the ability for you to network with others that also work in the mailing industry.

I have been speaking at National PCC events for several years. This year I am looking forward to participating at the Greater Illinois PCC event. My session will be: Planning for 2019: Knowns, Unknowns, and Possible Predictions. If you happen to be located near Addison IL, I look forward to seeing you there.