Franking Machines reduce postage costs for your company with up to 33% reductions on standard stamp postage rates, a major advantage when considering an installation for your mailing room. Quadient, the global leader in mailing equipment and software for businesses, provides a wide range of letter metering machines for businesses of all sizes.

Consult a Quadient specialist for a tailor-made solution for your mailing room, from home office to robust, high volume solutions capable of metering 5000 items per day, our designs aim to meet the mailing requirements of each customer. Discover more about the features of Quadient metering  machines, the ergonomic, easy-to-use navigation tools allow operators optimal mailing action. 

With affordable leasing options and privileged rates for metering, our postal metering machines offer a cost effective solution for your mailing room. You can opt for automated metering, monitoring and tracking of postal expenditure, manage multiple accounts online…

A successful business requires speed, efficiency, and productivity. Business owners should be in a constant state of improvement, refining process and optimizing operations. Part of that strategy certainly includes mailroom operations, and a postage meter may be a central component of this improvement. Here are ten good reasons businesses should use a postage meter.

1. Convenience
It’s like having a dedicated mailroom in your office. Metered mail ensures a hassle-free process, eliminating trips to the post office and wasted postage due to uncertainty over rates.

2. Out The Door Faster
Applying stamps to a huge stack of envelopes is a tedious process. With a postage meter, envelopes are stamped quickly and easily.

3. Online Postage Refills
Replenish your postage supply 24/7, avoiding time-consuming trips to the post office.

4. Savings
Save money using a Quadient franking machine and scale with up-to-date rates. With an integrated digital scale for precision weighing, a postage meter enables you to print the exact denomination — instead of using multiple stamps.

5. Increased Security
Eliminating physical stamp inventories means you’ll never have to worry about lost or damaged stamps. Your postage dollars are safe-and-sound in your lockable meter, as opposed to a cluttered desk drawer.

6. Cost Accounting
A built-in cost accounting feature can accurately track postage expenditures for multiple accounts. This shows you where postage dollars are being spent, for easier budgeting and reconciliation.

7. Package Compatibility
Self-adhesive metered tapes are ideal for larger items such as packages, large flat envelopes and tubes. This looks cleaner and more professional than wallpapering an item with stamps, in addition to enabling you to apply the exact postage needed.

8. Faster Delivery
Metered mail is expedited as high-priority business mail. It’s already dated, postmarked, and cancelled when it arrives at the post office, so it requires fewer steps in the handling process. That means quicker results for your important correspondence...for the same dollar you’re spending now!

9. Enhancing Your Image
Metered mail makes a statement about your company. Small businesses can appear larger and more prominent. And after all, your envelope is often the first impression you make on the customer.

10. Free Advertising
With its ability to print a logo, advertisement or even a product image, a postage meter can turn your envelope into a mini-billboard. This is important since envelope marketing has been proven to enhance openability and readership, while improving response rates.

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