What is a maturity model?

Maturity models aren’t new. Chances are, you or your organization has utilized a maturity model in the past. A maturity model allows a company to have its methods and processes assessed according to industry best practices, against a well-defined set of benchmarks and objectives.

In many cases, maturity is indicated by the award of a particular “Maturity Level”. This enables the company to compare their maturity level with other organizations in their industry, or even within other parts of their own company. The biggest benefit is realized when an organization understands its current maturity level, and has specific recommendations on how to improve and move to the next level. High performing companies utilize a maturity model as a tool to identify specific opportunities for improvement.

The CCM maturity model

The rapid adoption of consumer technologies (such as mobile devices and wearable technologies) and changes in communication and messaging are altering traditional business models. Organizations are facing significant pressure to deliver a positive customer experience with multichannel and multimedia services. 

Our new white paper, “The CCM Maturity Model”, outlines five levels of maturity when it comes to customer communications management. The objective of the CCM Maturity Model is to:

  1. Help your organization conduct a preliminary evaluation of your customer communications programs and practices.
  2. Help you understand where your organization fits on the maturity model scale
  3. How you can move from your current level to the next and beyond

This week, I sat down with our host of the InspireCast podcast, Mirza Baig, to identify and explain the 5 levels of maturity as it relates to customer communications management:

Level 1: Initial

Level 2: Develop

Level 3: Define

Level 4: Manage

Level 5: Optimize

To find out where your organization fits on the CCM maturity model scale and the steps you can take to improve your customer communications processes and strategy, listen to the podcast below, or download a free copy of the whitepaper

Tamir Sigal

Tamir Sigal

Chief Marketing Officer

Tamir Sigal serves as Chief Marketing Officer. He is a marketing leader with 22 years' experience in enterprise software market. Since 2014, he was responsible for the development, direction and implementation of all global marketing activities for Quadient, including product management, corporate marketing, marketing operations and field marketing.

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