New Laws Create New Opportunities and Challenges

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, all the major players were ready to attract customers with stunning label designs. But then the expected happened - Health Canada imposed strict guidelines and regulations on the label design. These restrictions ranged from brand logo to the font size. More importantly, the mandatory requirement to rotate and use all of the 14 warnings for each brand. None of these competitors were ready to tackle this problem, which created the need for a solution that would allow customers to have stunning label designs while ensuring that every label abided by all Health Canada regulations.

Experience Plus Confidence Equals Solutions

In my role, I have the opportunity to use Quadient Inspire to provide dynamic solutions to some of the biggest players in the banking and utilities industries. With the confidence that was backed by years of exceptional work, our senior executive team promised a solution to Canada’s top six cannabis manufacturers and distributors which allowed us to fulfill all of their digital label needs. And thus, started an ongoing journey that brought us where we are today. 

Using Quadient Inspire, we created a backend that allowed us to create labels of varying sizes, print configurations, content management and reporting. At the same time, we connected our backend processes with our front-end solutions which allowed our customers to proof the label when placing an order. This created an efficient process of designing, testing, quality control and production while keeping the turn around time minimal. Moreover, we can deploy the solution for new clients in just a few minutes.

The solution we created was cherished by our clients, and we now work with Canada’s top 10 cannabis manufacturers and distributors, with more waiting to be on-boarded. Our organization now produces about two-thirds of all the cannabis labels in Canada.


Quadient Inspire Tips the Scales with Its Scalability

Could we have created the solution using other technologies? Yes, we could have. But the simplicity, reusability and scalability that Quadient Inspire offered would have taken far too long to develop with other tools. I have found that Quadient Inspire provides tools that are simple enough for a basic user and powerful enough for a developer. Not to mention, the exceptional support that the Quadient team provided made Inspire the obvious choice.

Having the right tools makes the seemingly impossible and unexpected happen. I would recommend Quadient software applications to any business wanting to help their customers win.


Jasjeet Mavi

Jasjeet Mavi

Senior Programmer

Jasjeet is a Senior Programmer at a Service Provider with more than 6 years of experience in full stack development, automation and machine learning. Jasjeet has worked with Quadient technologies for over 3 years. He has combined his knowledge of various technologies to create solutions that have made major impacts for businesses. He has actively taken part in open source development and volunteers with to spread the joy of programming with people who are interested.


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