Plastic Comb Binding Machines


GBC 16DB Binding Machine

This manual finisher makes binding presentations quick and easy with minimal fuss. Left-handed lever operates with an easy pull and push motion.


GBC C800 Pro Binding Machine

The C800Pro is a high volume binding machine, combining electric punching with manual binding.


GBC CombBind C450E Binding Machine

The CombBind C450E is ideal for the average office with medium binding requirements. Paper punching is electronic making the process even easier. The C450E combines a punch capacity of up to 25 80gsm sheets with a binding capability of up to 450 sheets, binds A3 portrait, A4 or A5 sizes and is equipped with features such as auto centering and a paper separator.


GBC MP2000 Binding Machine

Punching presentations is a snap with the MP2000 series punch. Ideal for offices, the single-pattern punch is available in several versions that are compatible with our most popular binding styles. Disengageable pins and a vertical throat make it easy to line up and punch in one step, even with special paper sizes.


GBC PB2600 Binding Machine

This high-capacity, electric finisher binds up to 300 presentations in an hour. Just set your spine size and get it done in three quick steps. Simply push the button or foot pedal to open, load pages, and push again to close.


NeoBind 989 Heavy Duty Punch

The Neobind 989 electric interchangeable dies punching machine is suitable for any print room environment that handles multiple binding applications such as wire, plastic comb, colour coil and various other binding options.


GBC MP2500iX Modular Punch

This heavy-duty punch can handle up to 16,000 sheets an hour and is quiet enough for use in office environments. LEDs make production easier by displaying power on, die-set information and full chip drawer. A range of interchangeable die sets are available to handle all your presentation spine styles.

Magnapunch Pro

GBC Magnapunch Pro Heavy-Duty Punch

Meet the all-new Magnapunchâ„¢ Pro. This powerful interchangeable die punch is the fastest in the industry and delivers unparalleled reliability and durability. Boasting a half-second punch cycle, the Magnapunch Pro provides your office or print shop with a best-in-class high-volume desktop punch.



Quadient brings the elegant, powerful and multi-functional dual binding system for the total solution of comb and wire. One unit creates unlimited potentials. You are welcome to experience the various practical utilities and professional working performance of the Multi-functional series.


GBC CombBind C340 Binding Machine

The GBC CombBind C340 is ideal for small offices, combining a punch capacity of up to 25 80gsm sheets with a binding ability of up to 450 sheets. It binds A3 portrait, A4 or A5 sizes, includes auto-centering, paper separator and a full-width handle to make paper punching smooth and easy.

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