OPEX® Falcon®

Why Choose the OPEX® Falcon®

Efficiency and Flexibility

The Falcon®+ can easily process anything from thick paper to onion skin to fragile or damaged pieces, without pre-sorting. It can process envelopes and file folders, receipts and other small pages without taping or copying. It can even handle X-rays and three dimensional objects with ease.

One-Touch Scanning

Falcon®+ document scanners eliminate virtually all prep, paper handling and manual tasks to ensure a safe, fast, and accurate document transformation process.

Enhanced Sorting Capabilities

Available in configurations of three or five programmable sort bins, the Falcon®+ provides versatile and unique sorting abilities. With expanded bin capacity, the Falcon®+ allows for a nearly unlimited batch size. All Falcon®+ models are equipped with an additional pass-through bin, ideal for thick and delicate items.

Product Features

Universal Document Feeder

The Falcon®+ feeder reduces the need to prepare documents prior to scanning, which enables documents to be fed as both single pages or in stacks of intermixed weights and sizes.

Enhanced Multi-feed Detect

Seven strategically placed Ultrasonic Multi-Feed Detectors (MFDs) recognise double feeds, sticky notes and turned corners anywhere on a page and notifies the operator, helping produce the most accurate scanning results in the market.

CertainScan™ 5.0

OPEX® CertainScan™ builds customised scanning jobs, identifies page types within a job, and automates many traditional document prep activities all while integrating with your software.


Physical Dimensions


163.45cm x 259.1cm x 81.97cm


181.4 cm x 259.1 cm x 82.5cm

Falcon+ Transportable

160.02 cm x 219.41 cm x 81.23 cm

Falcon+ RED

139.7 cm x 282.194 cm x 105.66 cm

FalconV+ RED

156.46 cm x 282.2 cm x 106.7 cm

Additional Specifications

Scanning Speed

Up to 120 ppm (letter)/115 ppm (A4) @ 300 dpi

In-line Recognition

OCR, OMR, barcodes, document type ID

Document Feeding

High-capacity auto feed, continuous drop feed, packet feed, rescan feed

Daily Duty Cycle


Media Detection

Multi-feed detection, height, length, skew and envelope detection

Document Dimensions


8.89-64.77 cm


5.08-30.48 cm

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