OMATION® Series 410™

What the OMATION® Series 410 can do for you

Unmatched Cutting

A soft feathered edge minimises painful papercuts while providing edge-to-edge opening for ease of content extraction without using razors.

Small Footprint

Since opening and printing are on one piece of equipment, the OMATION® Series 410 Envelopener® can easily fit on a desktop.

Secure Envelope Tracking

Date and time stamp, as well as sequencing capabilities are built into the OMATION® Series 410 Envelopener®, offering businesses a secure way to sort, open and track incoming mail.

Eliminate Waste

The milling cutter “chips” away the edge of the envelope and waste is channeled into a large capacity chip bin that can be easily emptied.


Specialised Cutting Technology

The milling cutter opens the envelope from edge-to-edge while minimising cut contents and provides a soft, feathered edge which greatly reduces the risk of painful paper cuts.

User-Friendly Display

A 5.5” display provides access to job functions, settings and counting. Simple navigation allows operators to quickly and easily select one of eight preset jobs.

Inkjet Printer

Companies and government agencies that require date and time audit trails as well as a unique sequence number for traceable mail, can accomplish both with one device.

Cut Depth Adjustment Knob

The cut depth adjustment knob has three optimal cut-depth settings to accommodate various mail types including, thin airmail envelopes, thick envelopes, and overnight envelopes. The no-cut setting is a fast and accurate way to count envelopes, including ballots.


Performance Characteristics


Up to 400 envelopes per minute

Envelope Sizes & Types

All sizes and types (including overnight envelopes)


Up to 4.8 mm envelope thickness Up to 4.8mm

Depth of Cut

From .25mm - 1.79mm

Electrical Requirements

max @ 115v/5A 110-120 VAC, 60HZ, 5A

Decible Rating

Does not exceed safety standard of 80 dB.

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