DS-180i Folder Inserter

Why choose the DS-180i?

Easy to use

Easy to use

Colour touch screen and wizard-based software

Grow revenue

Grow revenue

Maximise opportunities through better communication

Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Ensure information is secure with document traceability

Control expense

Control expense

Reduce postage, preparation, equipment, and material costs

The New Standard in Productivity


The 22” colour touch screen and wizard-based guidance simplify operation. Quickly recall stored jobs or create new ones with ease. Load documents and envelopes, press start, and the DS-180i automatically measures the materials and sets itself up.

Quadient DS-180i


Speed is achieved by increased internal processing enhancements and well-balanced input and output capacities. Automatically collate, fold, insert, seal, and count up to 4,500 mail pieces per hour.

quadient DS-180i


The Flex Tower Folder can be configured with one to three stations for maximum flexibility. For secure feeding of a wide variety of printed paper, the feeders use mechanical double detection. Each tower can read both paper sides for maximum compatibility with existing applications.

quadient ds-180i


The DS-180i provides multiple output options to further optimise costs and efficiency. Envelopes can be sorted in up to three directions based on criteria including weight, destination or type of output processing.

quadient ds-180i


Operational Efficiency


180K per month

Processing speed

Up to 5,500 per hour

Accumulation speed (multiple sheets)

Up to 6,900/9,400* sheets per hour

Envelope types

C6, C6/5, C5; #10, 6x9

Fold types

Letter, z-fold, single, double parallel, no fold

Folding capacity

8 sheets (max 2 x 8 sheets)

Sealing fluid capacity

10 litres


22” Touch screen PC control


Automatic job setup


Job memory


Online help / Remote assistance

Yes / Yes


Envelope capacity

800 envelopes

Document feeder capacity

500 or 1000 sheets

Feeder cascading


Inserts / booklets capability

70 gsm to 4 mm thick


Up to 17 feeders

Integrity Options

Multi-read capability

Yes (OMR, BCR, 2D)

Document reading

Face-up and Face-down

Automatic barcode recognition


Embedded datalogging / reporting

Yes (AIMS-100)

Closed loop / file based processing

Yes (OMS-500 and AIMS-500)

Double feed detection


Output processing options

Sorting / diverting

Up to three outputs

building layout building layout

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