Our world is facing a challenge of enormous magnitude.  The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives and creating a void for companies by disrupting essential customer communications.

It’s important to remember that this will end, but in this time of disconnection we would like to assure you that we’re here and we’ll continue to support your needs.  

We believe keeping your business running, protecting your employees and maintaining a strong connection with your customers are top priorities. 

Helping you get your mail out

We stand ready to help you get your mail out, so that you can stay connected with your customers. We understand how important it is to continue to communicate and send critical mail. Whether you are sending medication, messages of personal support or everyday correspondence and statements, we want to provide numerous ways for you to continue to communicate, depending on your situation:  

Remote Sending

If you still want to send mail, but cannot due to social-distancing rules, we can enable you to print and post your mail remotely. 

Digital Delivery

If you would like to send your communication digitally, we can turn your physical mail into digital mail easily.

Mailing Equipment

If you need to post mail from your home office (or multiple home offices), we have flexible arrangements for your mailing equipment to enable you to continue to send your mail, from one location or many.

Resources for you

We have prepared a central online resource with all the information you may need on your mail. On our website, under the resource section, we have assembled a detailed webpage with postal operations information in your country which will be updated constantly as the situation evolves. 

Service and Support

Quadient Service and Support are here for you. Our remote desktop and telephone support team is available to answer your questions or address any errors you’re receiving. 

And for critical maintenance issues, we have a team of onsite engineers who can be deployed to assist you, taking all necessary WHO precautions to minimize any disruptions to your business.

Our team remains dedicated to supporting your business in these challenging times. Please feel free to reach out to your local Quadient team and let us know how we can help you.

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy, and we thank you for your continued trust.  


Alyna Wnukowsky
Chief Solution Officer
Business Process Automation

Jeff Crouse

Jeff Crouse
Chief Solution Officer
Mail Related Solutions


Kind regards, 

Alyna Wnukowsky, Chief Solution Officer Business Process Automation
Jeff Crouse, Chief Solution Officer Mail Related Solutions


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