There is no doubt the recent COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on your daily work life. Like never before, you are facing unprecedented challenges as you try to minimize the impact and find alternatives to maintain the continuity of your business.  If so, you are not alone.  According to a recent COVID-19 impact study by Mercer, 51% of organizations do not have a business continuity plan in place.

Everyone is essential

The shift to a remote workforce means those hands, who you rely on to perform manual document processing, are no longer in one place. And while very few businesses have been classified as “essential” by local government offices and are able to operate fully, the long term success of your organization is essential to you and your employees.

Quadient believes enabling your staff to work from home is essential, and it is our mission to support our employees, our partners, and most of all our customers. We are unified by the same goal, ensuring your success and making certain you come out of this crisis better and stronger than ever.

Because connections matter more than ever before

In trying times, your network of connections matters the most. Quadient understands the importance of staying connected and can help you navigate these new challenges to minimize the disruption as much as possible.   In fact, a Q4-2019 survey conducted by the Quadient team of our Document Automation customers found that the key drivers of purchasing their solution included automating outbound mail processes, allowing employees to focus on other core tasks, and the elimination of errors / ensuring compliance.

Since the beginning of the crisis, customers have been experiencing these same challenges, and we have been able to assist our current customers adopt digital solutions to keep their critical documents moving. In addition, Quadient has been able to get new customers ramped up in a matter of days.

Connect on a new level with your customers

Quadient’s unique print-to-mail service allows you to print, sort, stuff, meter as well as deliver the mail to the post office all from your computer.  Users can upload documents via a user-friendly web application for a mail production facility to handle the rest.  By supplementing your mailing process with a digital solution, you will not only address the obstacles you are facing but broaden your reach and gain the ability to connect with your customers on a new level.

This scalable, flexible and cloud-based platform is remotely deployable. An easy to use, intuitive interface minimizes the amount of training and accelerates your learning curve. In light of the financial impact of this crisis, the print-to-mail service is currently available on a pay as you go basis.

We are all in this together

Overnight we have all had to adapt and adjust to a new way of working. While we hope this radical change will be temporary, it also gives us insight into how quickly the business landscape can change. Implementing a digital strategy for processing critical documents will surely help you rise to the challenge and prepare for whatever lies ahead.



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