Include the Aspire Leaderboard in your discovery process for a valuable, independent perspective

Conducting your due diligence in order to determine which CCM solution will make the best choice for your organization can be a complex undertaking. The Aspire Leaderboard helps simplify the process.


What is the Aspire Leaderboard?

The Aspire Leaderboard is a dynamic, digital-first, vendor positioning grid that ranks vendors across the CCM industry.

The grid is composed of an Overall Leaderboard and four sub-grids—Enterprise Communications Processing (ECP), Communications Composition, Business Automation and Omni-Channel Orchestration—which each CCM solution is ranked for according to their capabilities and vision. Those who rank highest are considered “leaders” of the grid, which is then reflected on the overarching Leaderboard.


A unique CCM evaluation tool

What makes the Aspire Leaderboard a unique evaluation tool is that it is a digital-first ranking grid that provides end-users the ability to employ filters and adjust the default ranking weighting so they can review each vendor based on the attributes they are specifically looking for.

This ability to customize the Aspire Leaderboard provides a rich and relevant vendor evaluation experience for end-users, particularly new buyers within line-of-business functions and marketing roles.


Who is Aspire?

Aspire is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) industries. Through deep market expertise and global insights, it works with technology providers, service providers, enterprises and investors to help clients achieve their CCM goals.


Is the Aspire Leaderboard vendor-neutral?

Yes. The Aspire Leaderboard is based on fair and independent evaluation of the participating vendors. To ensure neutrality, the evaluators at Aspire do not own stock or shares, have no reseller or distribution relationship in place and receive no commission, remuneration or benefits of any kind from the participating vendors.


In 2018 Quadient was ranked Overall Leader by Aspire

2018 marked the debut of the Aspire Leaderboard. In the inaugural year of the acknowledgement, Quadient’s CCM solution, Quadient Inspire was named Overall CCM Leader on the Aspire Leaderboard.


“We were particularly impressed by Quadient’s Scaler and Omni-Channel Coordination solutions, which help its customers overcome business silos though cloud-enablement and intelligent automation,” recalls Kaspar Roos, CEO and founder, Aspire.


The 2019 rankings for the Aspire Leaderboard coming soon

In the process of conducting your CCM due diligence? Be sure to include the results of the 2019 Aspire Leaderboard in your evaluation process. The rankings will be announced on May 22nd, 2019 - be sure to check back then for a copy of the report!

Ralph Mezzoni

Ralph Mezzoni

Director, Product Marketing - Mailroom Solutions

Ralph Mezzoni is the Director of Product Marketing for Mailroom Solutions at Quadient USA.  He has spent over a decade helping to develop new technologies to optimize mailing processes while minimizing mailing costs for customers across the United States.

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