save money


operating costs by automating document creation.

cash flow


customer response rates and improve cash flow.



document delivery to protect customer information and ensure 100% accuracy.



your customer communications are sent to the right recipient, every time.

Intelligent outbound communications management

Impress Automate centralizes outbound document preparation and distribution, giving you complete control over every aspect of your customer communication process. Automate all processes related to the creation and delivery of your invoices, statements, notices, letters, and marketing pieces. Establish business rules for your communications through a browser-based application to streamline your workflows from anywhere, leading to greater efficiency and a reduction in delivery errors.

See for yourself. Watch the video. 

Spend more time innovating, and less time administrating

Spend more time innovating

Many businesses today are constrained by manual business processes. When it comes to sending customer communications, manual processes mean higher operational costs, lower employee productivity and exposure to the risks associated with human error. Impress Automate enables businesses such as your to automate customer communications creation and delivery, with simple access to the tools you need through your web-browser. The intuitive user interface offers instant feedback and allows users to produce new document configurations on-demand. Impress Automate is extremely easy to configure to meet your requirements and standards without changing source applications and without major IT involvement.

customer experience

Engage your number one asset, your customer

Use content to create a better experience for your customers and turn your business communications into multiple conversations. With Impress Automate adding personalized marketing messages, overlays or enclosures to a document has never been so easy. Create engaging, targeted and timely communications that are sent to the right recipient, every time.

Discover a scalable solution for physical and digital mail

Deliver physical and digital communications anytime

Impress Automate helps you deliver physical and digital communications depending on the combination that makes the most sense for your customer and your business. Both system-generated batch and on demand communications can be created and fully automated with our easy to use solution.

Accelerate document processing through automation

Accelerate mail assembly through automation

Automate your mail assembly process with Quadient's intelligent barcode technology to ensure the right document goes into the right envelope. Utilizing full-page Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology, our Folder Inserters can read any type of coding including optical mark, optical character, and 1D and 2D matrix barcodes. Because the scanner reads the entire area of a page, codes can be printed anywhere on the document and can be read horizontally or vertically. Documents intended for the same customer can be automatically sorted and combined by the Folder Inserter to reduce costs associated with sending multiple items to the same recipient and eliminate the errors that occur when documents are inserted into envelopes by hand.

building layout building layout

Errors related to manual processing (sorting and grouping) have all disappeared with Quadient’s Impress Automate software. It allows us to focus on other, more important tasks.

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