IM-16C Mail Opener

Why Choose the IM-16C?



valuable time automating the task of opening incoming mail.

invoice payment


payment of incoming invoices to boost your cash flow.

content security


valuable contents and ensure safe handling of your inbound documents.



waste and messy scraps of paper littered around the office.

Opening Mail Made Easy


While conventional letter openers can easily damage contents, the IM-16C uses an innovative cutting method to neatly slit one side of the envelope leaving no sharp border, and no messy scraps of paper littered around the office. The contents are left undamaged and safe to handle. The IM-16C's includes a unique anti-jamming device that easily copes with paperclips and staples and a digital piece counter.


Accommodates variety

Whether processing cheques, orders, remittance pieces or daily incoming mail, the IM-16C can handle mixed mail without presorting, opening a wide range of envelope sizes including flats.

IM-16 ergonomic design

Easy to use

IM-16C can operate at speeds of up to 300 letters per minute, getting opened mail delivered faster. Simply load the feeding tray and press start.

Safeguard your envelope contents


Processing speed

Up to 300 envelopes per minute

Envelope height

5.5" - 13"

Envelope width

3.5" - 10.2"

Maximum envelope thickness:


Catch tray

Holds up to 80 #10 envelopes

Digital piece counter


Noise level

< 63 dBA

System dimensions

Length x Width x Height

33" x 15" x 9"


15 lbs.

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