IS-280 Postage meter

Why choose the IS-280?

Cost savings


2¢ on every piece of standard Lettermail you send, then save up to 40% on Canada Post parcel delivery services.



large envelopes, courier items or packages and pay for postage instantly, before you ship.

IS-280 online management


postage calculation to ensure you pay the correct amount for postage, every time.

IS-280 track and control

Track and Control

deliveries, manage postage transactions, generate reports and print receipts online, anytime.

Postage payment made easy

Easy to use

The IS-280’s default rate selection feature allows you to weigh, rate and print postage without touching the console. Place an envelope on the weighing platform and then insert it into the printing path. The system does the rest. The IS-280 rate wizard reduces set up time by simplifying the process of selecting the desired delivery service and price. Shortcut keys and impression memories save additional time by providing one-touch job set up and instant job recall.

Simple to use

Always accurate

With the IS-280, you will never have to guess the weight of the items you are sending. The integrated 3 kg weighing platform ensures you know the correct weight every time, preventing overpaying for postage and eliminating post-delivery charges. Our GET WEIGHT feature pairs neoship to the IS-280 integrated scale to automatically populate the weight field in neoship with the weight measured by the weighing platform.


Send more than mail

Need to send a large envelope or a package? Simply access neoship from your myquadient suite of online tools, follow the illustrated prompts and create compliant shipping labels using your desktop printer or optional thermal label printer.


Never run out of ink

Maximize the productivity of your mail and parcel operations by taking the guesswork out of managing and ordering ink supplies. The IS-280 the low ink alert feature notifies Quadient when your ink cartridge gets low. Our Customer Service Centre will give you a call to let you know you are almost out of ink. Shop for your supplies online and place orders anytime. View order details by invoice, order status and order history 24/7.

low ink

Realize the full potential of the IS-280 with Myquadient

Myquadient is a unique online application that provides on-demand access to all the services and supplies you need to manage your delivery operations conveniently and cost effectively through this easy to use web portal.



Processing speed

Up to 20 letters per minute

Envelope feeding

Manual front feeding

Integrated weighing platform

3 kg standard

Integrated shipping

neoship - optional

Pairing features

GET WEIGHT feature standard

Smart Start - Default rate feature


Instant job recall

5 job memories standard

Expense management by department

10 departments standard

Low ink warnings

email and courtesy calls standard

Maximum mail thickness

3/8" (use labels over 3/8")

Envelope orientation

Landscape or portrait

Postage account overdraft protection



LAN, Wifi, PC-Meter Link

Sealing Method

2 moistening pens standard

Canada Post Lettermail


System Dimensions

Length X Width X Height

13" x 9" x 8"


6.4 lbs.

Envelope maximum

12" x 15"

Add-on options

PC - based system control

PC Meter Link standard

Canada Post Neighbourhood Mail


Canada Post Personalized Mail


Desktop shipping label printer


Myquadient customer portal


Canada Post parcel services


Wireless connection kit


Bullfrog green energy


Shipping labels


Envelope minimum

3.5" x 5"

Label dispensing

Manual feed label printing

Custom graphics creation


What our customers are saying

building layout building layout

Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. has received exceptional customer service from Quadient. I was extremely stressed out due to some shenanigans from another mailing machine supplier and Quadient came to the rescue. They went above and beyond and I would recommend them to anyone!


Account Receivable, Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd.

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