It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. – Charles Darwin 

There’s an adage that states that a business can change and grow or pay more to stay the same. In recent times, change and the willingness to change have proven to be more of a necessity. SMBs had to pivot and adapt over the last year and a half in order to compete or even stay operational in the evolving business landscape. Some SMBs rose to the occasion and have reaped more benefits from document automation than they expected. The adaptability across industries can be seen in the following SMBs who made adjustments to their document processes with the help of Quadient Impress.

County school system ensures no student is left behind during lockdown

The Frederick County school system is responsible for the education of about 14,000 students that includes students in elementary, middle, and high school. As the pandemic began to rage and lockdowns ensued, online schooling became necessary. The primary focus for Frederick County schools was to ensure no student was put at a learning deficit due to lack of internet connectivity. The challenge of delivering remote learning materials to students with limited or no internet access was crucial to ensuring that Frederick County continued its mission of providing high-quality public education to all its enrolled students. 

Quadient’s Impress provided the much-needed lifeline. With the help of Impress, teachers were able to remotely prepare and deliver learning packages to the students that needed them. Using Impress’ online portal, administrators prepared and uploaded materials that were then printed, sorted, and stuffed, and sent from Quadient’s secure, outsourced mailing facility. Students were able to receive the educational and informational materials they needed to actively participate regardless of having internet access at home.

Read more about Frederick County Schools and how Quadient Impress was a boon to teachers and students alike.

Manufacturing company transforms invoice process and frees up employee time

Groov-Pin is a manufacturer you may not have heard of, but their threaded inserts and precision turn components are used in a variety of industries like aerospace, defence, irrigation, and automotive. For example, every Boeing Dreamliner contains 100,000 threaded inserts made by Groov-Pin. They’ve been recognised for their innovative model of lean manufacturing despite being an SMB employing around 100 people. 

When the pandemic forced the shift to a work-from-home environment it put a spotlight on their invoice delivery system, both physical and digital. Limitations in their enterprise resource planning system meant invoices were being emailed one at a time. One at a time. In 2020.  Quadient’s Impress platform was integrated and their unique cloud-based hybrid mail solution removed the cumbersome process of managing outbound mail. The Impress platform provided an automated email solution that saves employees time while also freeing them up to focus on more high-value tasks. A win, win across the board. 

Continue to learn how Groov-Pin benefitted from the elimination of manual invoice processing. 

Housing group integrates digital mailroom for outgoing mail that supports agile work

Grand Union Housing Group provides 12,000 homes for more than 27,000 people across the United Kingdom. When they centralised their offices from four regions to one central office it provided the opportunity to transform their outgoing mail management process to support a more agile way of working. 

Quadient’s Impress platform solution allowed Grand Union to centralise its mail management system. It provides employees the agility to securely submit print jobs from wherever they are to Quadient’s state-of-the-art mail production facility knowing it will take care of everything from printing and envelope stuffing to applying correct postage and sending it out. Grand Union benefitted from greater visibility into their mail distribution, reduced postage errors, and costs, as well as the agility, to send documents as soon as they’re ready instead of adding them to an ongoing manual process. 

Read more about Grand Union’s efficient transformation using Quadient Impress.

Quadient Impress is specifically designed for SMBs. It’s user-friendly, requires no integration, and can be customised to fit your current business needs. Transform your customer communication processes so you can thrive and move forward. Learn more about Quadient’s multi-channel document automation platform.

Guy Clack

Guy Clack

Director of BPA Product Marketing at Quadient UKI

Guy Clack is the Director of BPA Product Marketing at Quadient UKI. Guy is a passionate product leader with over 20 years’ experience in Marketing, Product Marketing and Product Management across global software markets and brands. Guy helps organisations to transform their approaches to communications (physical and digital) and how those are received by their customers. Simplifying the complex, maximising efficiencies, and aiding a better customer experience.

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