It has become evident that many of us will celebrate Valentine’s Day in a slightly different way this year. With lockdown and travel restrictions still very much a thing, 2021 looks set to be another year in which we continue utilising virtual communications. Although technology plays a huge role in this, there is no denying that sending physical mail acts as a great way of displaying affection or thoughtfulness from afar. As the international day of love approaches, now is the time to think about the importance of printed mail and why it should be loved by individuals and businesses alike.

The new normal

According to recent research, 25 percent of UK couples not living together will be going virtual this Valentine’s Day, planning to celebrate via video messaging or on the phone. This suggests that there is still an appetite for the day, despite the implemented measures currently in place. Although it may seem that the younger generation primarily participate in digital communications, a recent Royal Mail market research report has shown that the biggest rise in engagement with mail last year was from those aged 18 to 34, potentially due to the novelty around the giving and receiving of post. It is safe to say that physical mail leaves an emotional impact, making it a relevant option for Valentine’s Day.

That special something

There is no shying away from the fact that the past year has been incredibly difficult for the majority of organisations and individuals. The pandemic has resulted in an outstanding number of job losses and business closures, meaning many people are looking for ways to boost morale. According to the Royal Mail research, physical mail has been proven to significantly enhance the mood of the receiver, with 40 percent of respondents looking forward to receiving mail during the lockdown period. Following this, we expect to see a boom in physical mail this Valentine’s Day – as more people opt to send physical mail to loved ones locked down.

A traditional spin

There is no doubt the world has undergone extreme digital transformation this year. Despite this, the Royal Mail report states that two in five survey participants have reported suffering digital burnout and crave real ‘human’ interaction. By choosing to send physical mail, consumers are reinforcing a more traditional process which adds a more personal touch compared to an email or text message. With many consumers feeling consumed with technology, sending and receiving mail is a refreshing and memorable action.

Although Valentine’s Day will be celebrated a bit differently this year, it is important to recognise the benefits of physical mail and why consumers should opt for it when faced with adapting to the ‘new normal’. Find out more about Quadient’s mail related solutions here.

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