Royal Mail Decertification

Is Royal Mail Decertification affecting your franking machine?

From January 1st, 2023, Royal Mail will no longer accept the use of non-Mailmark franking machines, such as the traditional town and crown franking. Click here to know more about what this means for your business.

In the last two years, for obvious reasons, there has been an uptake in digitisation by organisations, with digital channels such as video calls and online messaging seeing a sharp increase in usage. However, it is because of this digital uptake that physical mail is a vital component of your business communications. By cutting through the digital noise, it will forever be better to send and receive some things in the mail.

Most customers utilise a variety of channels to keep in contact. They’re likely to stay up to date on news and developments from brands they’re loyal to through social media and company websites. However, in terms of business interactions, customers may favour a range of communication types. This may include text for appointment reminders, email for invoices and print for booklets.

Why print is still unique

The sending and receiving of physical mail has undoubtedly been impacted by the pandemic in the last 22 months. With people around the world having to work from home, mindsets towards sending printed mail have changed significantly – there is comfort in knowing the chance of missing deliveries and risk of ‘porch pirates’ is reduced. Likewise, with what seems like a continuous cycle of online communication and virtual working, receiving a physical package or letter will have a more personal touch, especially for those individuals suffering with loneliness or who are of an older generation, less equipped with technology.

It is also worth noting that, although the world continues to embrace digital transformation, for some people, physical mail could be the main way for them to communicate. For those who opt for a less digital lifestyle, receiving physical mail may be their primary source of correspondence for important information or documentation. Further to this, with most people not living this way and choosing electronic communication, mail volumes have declined, resulting in physical mail services generating greater interest.

The cost of print will always be higher than with any digital communications. But the impact it can have is far more significant. The question which many businesses need to ask themselves is ‘does this add value to the customer experience? Will the customer be appreciative of the extra effort and investment you’ve put in?’ While it would be unsustainable and inefficient to conduct all communications in print, to say something impactful or make your customers feel that they have been sent something special sometimes only works via print.

Benefits of printed communications

For print, it’s beneficial to reduce the amount of physical labour involved and to minimise costs. In order to streamline operations, minimise errors and improve return on the investment made in print, automation makes good sense.  Franking machines can help companies take advantage of discounted postage rates and reduce time spent preparing outgoing mail and present a professional image. They can also help to track and analyse the amount spent on print and postage. Folder inserters automate envelope filling to save even more time. Or the latest hybrid mail solutions make it easy to use a portal to outsource mail production and distribution to a specialist mailing centre.

People may be unsure of the impact of print more than they would be for other types of communications, but this is what makes mailings stand out and get customer attention. After all, there have never been as many ways to stay in touch as there currently are, with people being inundated with messages all day long. Perhaps something a little different to go along with a very different couple of years is required.

To make printed mail as efficient and cost-effective as possible, take a look at our Mailmark Franking Machines.

Anthony Coo

Anthony Coo

Head of Product Marketing, UK & Ireland

Anthony manages the product marketing division in the UK and Ireland. He has over 13 years’ experience of successfully launching and managing solutions in life. His teams’ product portfolio helps organisations manage their communications both physical and digital, streamline complex processes, and ensure the inbound and outbound solution meets market needs of now and the future.

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