What do the Houses of Parliament, Harborough’s District Council and Reading’s Oracle Shopping Centre have in common? They have all been the recipients of suspicious packages within the last few months.

Incoming mail may contain risks to businesses and employees and, when they are sent a alongside threatening messages or in way that seems out of the ordinary, it understandably causes alarm. The Police may be called, buildings are evacuated and locked down and, in the most extreme of cases, bomb disposal experts may even be required. While the vast majority of situations do not escalate to such a severe level, the safety of employees and other individuals within the building must always be paramount. This results in businesses erring on the side of caution and running the relevant procedures when dealing with any packages that even ignite the slightest of suspicions.

What has become apparent is that businesses require the ability to simply check incoming deliveries for anything that could potentially be a risk. Such a capability mitigates any worry that arises from suspicious packages that ultimately end up being harmless, while also ensuring that any real threats are flagged and can be managed with urgency.

Quadient has a range of security scanners developed to match the requirements of companies of all sizes. From low volume scanners, up to walk-through metal detectors and even blast containment boxes, we have the tools that enable businesses to manage their incoming mail with complete security.

For more information on our range, visit https://www.quadient.com/en-GB/mail/security-scanners 

Alternatively, get in touch with your Quadient account manager. 

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