In just under one month, on the 23rd March 2020 the Royal Mail will be updating its tariff prices. Full details can be found by clinking on the following link:

From the 23rd March, the price of a 1st class letter stamp will increase by 8.5 percent and the price of a 2nd class stamp will increase by 6.5 percent. Mailmark franking however, will still give your business the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking. It is cheaper than using standard franking and delivers further savings over using stamps. From the tariff change date there will be:

  • 14% difference, between 1st class stamps and Mailmark letter 1st class, meaning Mailmark is 11p cheaper
  • 34% difference, between 2nd class stamps and Mailmark 2nd class meaning Mailmark postage will be 22p cheaper

So, what is Mailmark?

Mailmark is the most up-to-date franking mark that, through a 2D barcode, carries more information about the item being sent. It saves your business money because it offers the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services. With a Mailmark franking machine you can upload credit as you need it, to keep control of and track your postage spend and to monitor usage across your business.

Are you considering changing to Mailmark?

If you are thinking of changing from standard franking machines to Mailmark, Quadient can help you. By using a franking machine instead of stamps, you not only save money, but you can also:

  • Save time - Avoid the inevitable queues at the post office and ensure you have applied the correct postage
  • Improve brand image - Promote your business in a more professional way by adding your company logo to every envelope that you frank
  • Track and report - Track, manage and analyse your postage spend by mail type and department with ‘MyQuadient’, our online portal

Make sure you’re ready for the tariff change

For Mailmark customers, updates are automatic, provided your Mailmark franking machine is always connected to the internet (LAN), but if you prefer to manually download your tariff change, have a look at our download instructions.

You can find more information on Royal Mail’s franking services and technology at: To find out how Quadient can help you get the most value from your franked mail, take a look at our intelligent Mailmark franking machines.

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