With many people likely to return to office settings in the new year and into 2021, inbound parcel volumes are expected to increase as online shopping growth continues. Many under-pressure post rooms have only manual methods for receiving and processing inbound mail. These methods can be time-consuming and frequently rely on error-prone paper records to record deliveries. Quadient’s Web Tracking System (WTS) is a turnkey internal tracking solution that provides reliability and end-to-end visibility of delivery status for those overrun postal rooms within organisations.

Main challenges

So, what are the main challenges of inbound delivery and why do we need track and trace in the first place? With flexible working looking to be the new norm, and the days of working Monday-Friday, 9-5 long gone, it is increasingly difficult to identify the correct recipient and where they are located with the business setting. The key to this, is automating the whole notification process, which can be done with WTS.

The solution

WTS is designed for organisations receiving more than 10 items per day and provides customers with a convenient service to automate all inbound parcel deliveries, as well as a complete chain of custody. With full visibility, of incoming parcels and mail, WTS gives organisations a new level of security with real-time tracking and proof of delivery. Using WTS means that organisations delivery process will become more reliable, efficient, and cost effective.

WTS features

WTS offers significant features to support organisations dealing with a rise in mail volume. These include:

  • Automated emails – the recipient of the parcel will receive email alerts notifying them of the arrival of their mail
  • Handheld scanners – These are uses for scanning barcodes on incoming mail and important parcels which need to be tracked even more closely. After scanning, details are registered in a central database and the recipient is selected from an internal address book
  • Signature capture – Once the parcel has been received, the recipient will be asked to sign for it electronically, as proof of delivery. Barcodes can also be scanned at each stage in the delivery chain for real-time tracking

Essentially, WTS brings transparency and full-visibility to organisations inbound delivery process.

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