No other company sells Quadient ink. Any ink cartridge sold under the Quadient name, and not ordered through Quadient Ink Cartridges & Mailroom Supplies, are counterfeit ink cartridges. These unsanctioned items are often old ink cartridges refilled with poor quality ink and are prone to leak.

By using counterfeit ink, you are taking a chance the ink will ruin your machine. If a third-party ink cartridge bursts in your machine, damaging it, you are not covered for repairs or replacement under your Quadient service agreement. Damage caused by these ink cartridges will lead to costly repairs or even a new machine.

Along with expensive un-insured repairs, other impacts to your machine include:

It may be cheaper to buy a knock-off cartridge, but it will become expensive when the ink damages your machine and you have to pay for repairs, or worse, a new machine.

Fake ink cartridges leak or explode, which creates a mess of the machine and the surrounding area. Costing additional staff hours for cleanup.

Fake ink cartridges do not have Quadient electronics, which results in errors and false messages, often using too much ink creating smudging and streaks

Yes – the ink will print, but it will also lead to reduced display life and increase the potential for poor print quality. These manufacturers may not incorporate solutions and substances into the pigment composition to perform maintenance tasks (such as ink head cleaning).

Download the complimentary infographic: 5 Reasons to Use Genuine Quadient Ink

Not convinced?
Check out these images from actual visits Quadient service technicians saw first-hand. 

Fake Ink Cartridge Damage

The only way to be sure you are buying genuine Quadient ink is to buy direct from Quadient.
Quadient inks are specifically developed to ensure our mailing machines work at peak performance and continue to produce a crisp print with no unsightly leaks or streaks.

And, as research has shown, consumers are eager for print communications, so make the best impression possible with every piece of print outreach. Use Quadient Ink Cartridges & Mailroom Supplies for your Quadient machines and ensure the optimal experience.

Ray Bissett

Ray Bissett

Head of Global Campaigns, Mail-Related Solutions

Ray Bissett is the Head of Global Campaigns for Mail Related Solutions at Quadient. With a background working across both public and private industries in technology and healthcare Ray has a focus on delivering effective marketing campaigns that cut through the noise and deliver a return on investment.

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