Improve customer touchpoints

Improve the moments that matter:

Statements, email, SMS & push notification, mobile and web portal content, digital forms & claims correspondence, quotes, policies, riders & welcome letters

Improve communications

Case management efficiency

Having a highly accessible digital record of every document associated with each client claim is a huge benefit. Automating document processing can reduce administration costs by 10-15%. 

Omnichannel communications

Create communications that are:

Personalised, compliant, omni-channel, guided by customer journey mapping

Activate your business, captivate your customers

Proactively engaging customers in timely and meaningful conversations is more important than ever for insurance organisations. For Life and Property & Casualty insurance organisations looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences, Quadient’s industry leading communications solutions transform how insurers reach customers through the channels they prefer today, and as new ones emerge tomorrow. 

Our industry-leading Customer Experience Management solutions help insurance organisations gain visibility into the customers’ journey, create a unified customer communications infrastructure and optimise the insured experience, while remaining compliant across the entire customer journey.

omnichannel communications preview

One platform, unlimited channels

Quadient Inspire, an award-winning and market-dominating customer communications management platform, integrates with your existing core billing, policy administration and billing platforms, and allows you to create, assemble and deliver personalised, compliant and highly complex customer communications across all channels, from one centralised hub.  

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Speed up digital transformation

Speed up digital transformation

Quadient Inspire integrates with your new and legacy IT systems and offers flexible implementation options, including on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solutions so you can scale easily as your organisation grows and needs evolve. Our powerful migration technology applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to reduce the time and costs associated with retiring legacy CCM systems, saving your team thousands of hours and valuable resources. 

Complimentary Novarica report
Quadient Named Dominant Provider in 2020 Novarica Market Navigator™

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Empower business users

Empower business users, reduce silos

Reduce the strain on IT and meet consumer demands by empowering business users to customise customer communications quickly and easily, in a controlled environment. Quadient Inspire’s synchronised omni-channel preview enables managerial staff to review the output in every format (mobile, tablet, web, etc.) for fast approval.

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Reduce compliance risk

Accelerate your transformation

Claims involve lots of paperwork and also external parties to assess, audit and sometimes defend claims in court. The paper trail can therefore be extensive and it is critical this is handled efficiently to save money and retain customers.

Our claims process automation solutions will give you greater control over the entire claims process meaning you can expect:

  • Improved customer service
  • Lower costs per claim
  • Combat fraud with ease
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Improve customer experience

Elevate the customer experience, improve speed to market

From acquisition, on-boarding and policy servicing to claims handling, billing and renewals, make your customer’s experience quick and convenient with digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data. Add dynamic elements to complex communications to make it simple for your customers to find important information with interactive charts, graphs, and sliders. Leverage customer data to position up-sell and cross-sell promotions tailored to your customers’ unique needs. 

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Improve the customer journey

Take action to improve the customer journey

Quadient Customer Journey Mapping enables you to connect all customer facing-communications to a customer journey map, ensuring every communication project is accountable to your enterprise CX strategy at the highest level.  Internal stakeholders easily collaborate and share ongoing feedback within the tool, so improvements can be made in real-time.

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Archive and retrieve communications

Powerful archiving and retrieval for improved policyholder experience

Quadient Archive & Retrieval is a high-performance, highly scalable technology that enables you to meet today’s compliance standards and improve customer experience by providing quick access to historical documents and data across all channels. 

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review layout
review layout

Quadient Named Overall Leader in 2020 Aspire Leaderboard for CCM

Quadient has been named an Overall Leader in the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard for the third consecutive year, an online positioning portal that provides a dynamically interactive vendor comparison for customer communications management (CCM) providers. 

Access the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard Portal free for 30-days, courtesy of Quadient.

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Backed by the experts

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