Today’s accounting and finance teams are facing increasing challenges in enabling remote work, reducing risk, and tightly managing the cash conversion cycle.  

Join our panel of C-Suite experts and industry analysts at the Intelligent Accounting & Finance Summit to learn how you can empower your team to meet the challenges of today and build a long-term strategy for success. 


The Agenda: 


 Alyna Wnukowsky

Welcome and Opening Remarks
with Alyna Wnukowsky, Chief Solution Officer Business Process Automation, Quadient

Intelligent automation capabilities are enabling organisations to meet today's challenges head on. Learn how the right technology drives dramatic improvements in efficiency and the customer experience.

Kevin Permenter

Five Ways Electronic Presentment Will Change Your Finance Department 
with Kevin Permenter, Research Manager, Enterprise Applications, IDC

As business processes become increasingly digitised, learn how intelligent AP/AR management systems will drive growth for organisations. Discover the five ways in which electronic invoice presentment will change and modernise your finance department.

Catherine Dahl

Automate and Enable Hybrid Accounting Teams
with Catherine Dahl, CMA, CEO, Beanworks by Quadient

Today, modern finance departments have made the shift to hybrid work. Enabling individuals to collaborate effectively while working remotely and ensuring that their work meets compliance standards is key to your success. Find out how accounting and finance teams are embracing hybrid work to become more impactful than ever.

Anthony Venus

The Post-Pandemic Economy 
with Anthony Venus, CEO, YayPay by Quadient

In 2021, global economies will continue to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. This means it is critically important to tightly manage the cash conversion cycle. Learn how finance teams can better manage cash, improve the customer experience, and set themselves up to outperform competitors.

Dave Laud

The Future of Digital Transformation in Finance and Accounting 
with Dave Laud, Director of O2C Business Applications, Capgemini's Business Services

Intelligent document processing is enabling organisations to achieve rapid and cost-effective improvements in their financial processes, and fully automated processes offer even stronger results. Learn how your finance team should leverage digital transformation to elevate their short-term and long-term performance.

Sarah-Jayne Martin

Customer Success Stories: Modernising the Finance Team 
with (Moderator) Sarah-Jayne Martin, Senior Product Specialist, Quadient

Hear from real-world customers including Radisson Hotels, YMCA, and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on how they have modernised their finance teams to match the shifting needs of the business.

Jeffrey McKenzie

Q&A and Closing Remarks 
with Jeffrey McKenzie, Vice President Product Marketing, Business Process Automation, Quadient

In this session, our presenters will answer your questions regarding how you can best modernise your finance team and meet the challenges of today.



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