The industry leading CCM platform, Quadient Inspire, helps companies around the world transform and modernise their forms management practices to drive efficiency, improve accuracy, ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

Whether you are moving from print to PDF or eForms or looking to build two-way HTML5-based forms for web and mobile apps, Quadient Inspire empowers you to optimise the intake of customer data through forms, no matter your level of maturity.

Form type examples

Insurance forms


Quote forms
Claims forms
Certificate of insurance request
Car insurance quote request
Group benefits forms

Financial services forms

Financial Services

Credit application
Loan application
Non-conformity report
Account acceptance
Brokerage account application

Healthcare forms


Extended health care claim
Dental claim
Drug prior authorisation
Enrolment or re-enrolment
Refusal of coverage
Beneficiary designation

Utilities and Telco forms

Utilities & Telco

General account enquiry
Moving, opening, closing accounts
Pre-payment authorisation
Temporary service removal
Upgrades and new services
Legal name change

Migrate and create

Migrate existing forms and create new forms faster

While modernising forms and process flows is never easy, Quadient Inspire simplifies the process by allowing you to import your current forms from existing PDF files – including Acroform and XFA formats. It provides a visual representation on-screen, enabling you to choose which existing content pieces to use as you build out new flows.   

And when you are ready to build brand new forms, Quadient Inspire speeds your workflow.   

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Adobe reader forms

Connect to, and share information from, Adobe Reader forms

The Quadient Inspire Forms Data Merger module offers bi-directional capabilities. Personalised content may be pulled from core systems and presented in Adobe PDF forms to create personalised forms – making it faster and easier for your customers to complete. Once completed forms are received, the data merger module re-integrates data from submitted forms, allowing you to capture customer input back into your systems.  

Electronic signature

Integrated DocuSign® capabilities

With Quadient Inspire, designers easily produce signable PDF files using the DocuSign® service. Quadient Inspire provides a PDF Signature Area Tool that makes it simple to add electronic signature areas into PDF forms. The signature area may be customised with graphics, dates and a name to appear in the signature field.  

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Online editor

Online editor for non-technical users

Give your business users the ability to edit simple forms via an HTML5 interface. By leveraging existing templates, new forms that use existing data connections with core systems, and are compliant with branding and legal guidelines, may be created by non-technical users. 

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HTML5 forms

Add two-way, HTML5-based forms through web portals and mobile apps

When you are ready to make the move from PDF forms to full HTML5 forms, Quadient Inspire form templates are ready to move with you. By adding Quadient Digital Advantage Suite to Quadient Inspire, your forms and templates may be modified for presentation via online portals and mobile apps, without having to go through a process re-design project with IT.

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