CVP Everest

CVP Everest - Automated Packaging System

High-velocity automated packaging

The CVP Everest is a high-velocity packaging machine that has the capacity to tailor-make 1,100 packages per hour for multiple or single order items. As an automated solution that creates fit-to-size packaging, the CVP Everest is an ideal solution for e-commerce operations faced with increasing order volumes and labour shortages. 

CVP Impack

CVP Impack - Automated Packaging System

Tailor-made, fit-to-size packaging

The CVP Impack is an automated packaging solution. Optimising all steps of package fulfillment, the CVP Impack creates a fit-to-size box for single - or multi-item orders of variable dimensions. With custom boxes being configured every 7 seconds, the CVP Impack offers an automated answer to increasing packaging volumes for e-commerce operations. 

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