WEBINAR REPLAY: Residential Property Management in a Changed World

Fighting Through The Pain Points

BISNOW webinar

This webinar, originally hosted by BISNOW on October 20th 2020 discusses:

  • What the key pressure points are for both residents and staff, and how to avoid the friction they might cause
  • Solutions to the growth in online deliveries in large blocks, which has just been turbocharged by the pandemic
  • How to overcome growing concerns about resident health and safety in blocks
  • What do landlords look for in a property manager?


Sowgol Zarinchang

Sowol Zarinchang, Managing Director, Way of Life

Mark Woodrow

Mark Woodrow, Joint Managing Director, Packaged Living

Todd Marler

Todd Marler, Senior Director of Operations, Greystar

Bren Standell

Bren Standell, Commercial Director, Quadient


Katherine Rose

Katherine Rose, Managing Directorm VervLife 



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