Today's customers want choice

Many of today’s customers are selecting digital document delivery as their preferred communication channel. Quadient Impress enables you to send customer communications through a variety of digital channels including a secure, branded portal, email, or SMS text. 

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Evolve to multi-channel delivery

 Businesses, like yours, are exploring new ways to speed up the delivery of important paper-based communications, to be more in line with customer preferences as well as facilitate a faster customer response and payment cycle. Learn how implementing digital delivery could help you modernise customer communications and give you a competitive edge. 

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Speed up the document delivery process and get paid faster

Impress Portal makes it easy for your customers to receive, review and search documents in their own dedicated, secure, and branded document portal.

Impress Portal speeds up the delivery of business-critical customer communications which facilitates a faster customer response and cycle saving you money on postal costs and mailing supplies, while accelerating your payment cycle.  

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Maximise the impact of each customer communication

Customise Quadient Impress Portal to match your company’s brand guidelines and features.  Documents sent through Impress Portal are automatically stored for easy retrieval allowing your customers to self-serve and get answers more quickly versus waiting on hold for customer service.

Track paper-based document delivery to ensure important communications promptly reach their intended recipient and know when digital documents have been opened and read. 

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Embracing digital technology is key to success

Transitioning to digital delivery is important to remaining competitive and meeting client expectations.

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